Life and Eternal Impact

I've been thinking of legacy as of late. Serving a purpose that goes beyond the here and now. Have you considered a person's impact in light of the age of the universe? A Human Life In Light of the World's History Humans, compared to the age of the earth, just got here. If it was … Continue reading Life and Eternal Impact

Legacy and How To Make An Impact

What comes to your mind when you hear the word mentor? To me, three things come to mind: advisor, teacher, example. I think mentorship is the most common form of leadership. We all look up to someone. Sometimes, a mentor can become like family. To get to that level takes years, a few big moments, … Continue reading Legacy and How To Make An Impact

Your Reality vs. Your Fantasy

Does the image you have of yourself match who you really are? Which one is real? Here's another thought, it's not about how you see yourself that matters as much as what you do. Actions matter. Self-Image One day I was dressed all in black, my old uniform, but it wasn't the clothes that triggered a … Continue reading Your Reality vs. Your Fantasy