Are You Strong or Tough?

When you think of someone who’s strong, who do you picture? Got it? Now ask yourself, what makes them strong? Why do you think that? This was from a conversation I had with my wife on a date. The thought was someone was stronger than her. Except, the person she was comparing herself to wasn’t … Continue reading Are You Strong or Tough?

Hidden Strength; Growing Through Suffering

I would think there is not a person alive that doesn’t have a memory they would like to get rid of. For me, I’d love to be able to look at pictures of my godson. I cannot even look at his baby pictures without having flashbacks, but occasionally I wonder if it is my version … Continue reading Hidden Strength; Growing Through Suffering

Human Kintsugi; You’re Not Broken Forever

Whenever we break a coffee cup, it generally ends up in the garbage, unless it is just the handle that breaks off. That gets super-glued back on. Broken things are unusable, right? In Japan, there is a process of fixing broken pottery that has been raised into an art form. It is called kintsugi. They … Continue reading Human Kintsugi; You’re Not Broken Forever