Heaven; A Book Review

When you think of Heaven, I can probably tell you what you're thinking of. You imagine sitting on a cloud with wings, visiting with dead relatives and friends. Maybe even St. Peter checking ID's at the Pearly Gates and hanging out with Jesus.  If you're from a Christian background, then standing around the throne of God and singing all the time is a thought that passes through your mind. That's both appealing and unappealing. It sounds boring.  Biblically, what is Heaven like? Randy Alcorn wrote a book called, well... Heaven

Everyone Calm Down and Love Your Neighbor

Turn on the TV or open social media. Outrage pours out the screen at you. The problem with almost instant information is people develop ill-formed opinions based on that (first-choice bias) and feel the need to share it. Emotions spread like wildfire then. When your only source of information is what you get from a … Continue reading Everyone Calm Down and Love Your Neighbor