Arkansas Gun Legislation Bills

A new Legislative Session has started in Arkansas, bills are being filed, plans are being made; so my attention will be local for awhile. That's where the real difference is made. We have two gun bills filed already that I know of. SB71: The Church Protection Act (16)(A) Any church or other place of worship. … Continue reading Arkansas Gun Legislation Bills

Senator Feinstein and Assault Weapons

Predictably, after Sandy Hook, Diane Feinstein found her opportunity to bring up another gun ban bill. She's infamously quoted as "picking the time and the place." So lets look at the synopsis from her Senate page here Bans the sale, transfer, importation, or manufacturing of: 120 specifically-named firearms; Certain other semiautomatic rifles, handguns, shotguns that … Continue reading Senator Feinstein and Assault Weapons

The Final Argument on Gun Control (I Wish)

So a sportscaster got on his soapbox about guns the other day, so I'm going to get on mine. I love analogies, taking the principles of a situation and applying them to another situation. I'm going to use some here. "Banning guns because someone shot another guy." Lets ban cars because some asshole ran over … Continue reading The Final Argument on Gun Control (I Wish)

Secession Is In The Air

Secession is in the air. But do people really mean it? Or are they venting? I looked at the Arkansas petition and it's grassroots. Which means its going nowhere, and it's also signed by people from out of state as well. Howls author Nekidgoat wonders if it's a ploy to get dissidents to identify themselves. Another blogger, George Hill, … Continue reading Secession Is In The Air