Filling The Gap

I believe I have found my niche. Last year, you may recall I had been trying to find more to do, looking at helping homeless people, and other outreaches. While I did not hear anything for a long time due to technical difficulties along with medical issues, I had two others fall into my lap. … Continue reading Filling The Gap


Freedom Isn’t A Utopia

I am about to dab into politics again, only to retreat into the underlying issue. Recently my Facebook feed exploded about the story of a baby burned by a stun grenade during a drug raid. Armchair quarterbacking ensued; I wonder how many considered what information the police had. The stories cited that an undercover office … Continue reading Freedom Isn’t A Utopia

The Majority Isn’t Always Right…

Watching the battle over gay marriage in my state this past week led to Arkansas's Supreme Court to issue a stay on the marriages. So I wrote this when I shared the news link here "Hopefully this is temporary and the Supreme Court overrules the tyranny of the majority. When it comes to issues of … Continue reading The Majority Isn’t Always Right…