Filling The Gap

Cover PicI believe I have found my niche. Last year, you may recall I had been trying to find more to do, looking at helping homeless people, and other outreaches. While I did not hear anything for a long time due to technical difficulties along with medical issues, I had two others fall into my lap. Saturdays find me setting up and/or tearing down the rooms for deaf church’s Deaf Den, and the 13-week GriefShare program. Then I got an email about the Homeless Ministry that brings complete meals to homeless people along with various other needs. Around the same time, I got an email about the LinkUp Prayer ministry, putting me up to five ministries minus special events.

Leaving after my first day with the Homeless Ministry, I ran into our deaf church pastor. She asked what brought me there that early in the morning; after I filled her in about my morning, I remarked off the cuff that I seemed to be a ‘gap-filler’ that does whatever. She said everyone needs a gap-filler.

After one special event, the Pack Shack party, where we had more than 1300 people packing meals for hungry kids (news story here), I started thinking and remembering the last five years. TimeHop is a good reminder for then and now. 2010-11, starting a little before this blog went up, the sum total of my years was preaching about the wolf mentality, primal blueprint, and ranting about this and that. 2012-13, I spent an inordinate time pounding out political rants fueled by self-righteousness and narcissism on the keyboard. Everyone was wrong; fortunately, I was there to enlighten you. In addition, I was a *cough* warrior…right…until late 2013, that is. Then I spent that time and 2014 trying to find a new normal and piece together the shards.

Altruism and intellectualization were my coping mechanisms; I took on the cleaning ministry primarily get me out of that house. Then I saw the need for it, so it became something I liked to do. It shifted my focus from myself onto others instead. Now in our new home, it is comfortable-a sanctuary without the heavy atmosphere of memories. Escape is not a reason anymore; now it is helping because there is a need, and I enjoy making a small difference at least. Looking back, as a published author, and part owner of Wicked Jester Clothing, I feel more enriched when I am serving others. I do not naturally have a heart for others; it was transplanted during that renovation process I wrote about in Renovating. Like the Grinch’s heart, it is small, but it is growing.


Freedom Isn’t A Utopia

I am about to dab into politics again, only to retreat into the underlying issue. Recently my Facebook feed exploded about the story of a baby burned by a stun grenade during a drug raid. Armchair quarterbacking ensued; I wonder how many considered what information the police had. The stories cited that an undercover office bought drugs from the location, noted the presence of weapons. That escalated the situation to a level where people could die. That is the reason for intimidating body armor, flash-bang grenades, and choosing to come after everyone is probably asleep; using overwhelming less-lethal force to neutralize so lethal force is not necessary.

Having said that I will now say this, I have written about my stance on the drug issue before, legalize them. It is your body to do what you will with.
Now, with the issue of laws, most ignore the ones they do not agree with. Traffic laws are a good example of this. You speed, or drive drunk, you know its illegal and hope you are not caught. However if you disrupt the peace or safety of other people, you are going to get someone’s attention, and you know this. Any person you bring into it that does not have a choice is a burden on your soul and responsibility. You want the freedom to do what you wish; you have to bear the responsibility of your actions and the consequences of when someone does not agree with you.

Freedom is not a utopia.

The Majority Isn’t Always Right…

Watching the battle over gay marriage in my state this past week led to Arkansas’s Supreme Court to issue a stay on the marriages. So I wrote this when I shared the news link here

“Hopefully this is temporary and the Supreme Court overrules the tyranny of the majority. When it comes to issues of equality you cannot say you’re for freedom if you’re unwilling to let others love their lives as they see fit so long as no one is physically hurt.

Freedom doesn’t hinge on how you feel about something, it stands alone righteous and true. That’s what makes it grand.”


I Have The Right…

This has been rattling in my head and I cannot find a place for it in the book.


What it is that like all laws, its paper. People follow them as long as it is convenient for them. Force or threat of it, keeps them in line. You have no rights or sovereignty unless you are willing to stop someone yourself. Anything else is negotiable.

You don’t have a right to life, the only reasons you’re still breathing is that someone hasn’t decided you’re worth more dead than alive and made you fight for it. Natural laws, food, water, and shelter. You don’t get those from anything other than your own initiative or from the graces of another.

There is no entitlement in nature.

The right to defend yourself, it is only (like all ‘rights’) a nonverbal, social agreement. What you do have is an ability, like all animals. Rights mean nothing to overwhelming force. You set a boundary, enforce it while hoping you prevail if someone tests it.

You have nothing unless you are willing to fight or work for it. All the rest is negotiation and social games until someone pulls the trigger.

America: Born 7-4-1776 Died 4-9-1865

Last week in Pledge Allegiance To A Lie, I said:

Land of the free and home of the brave
Once it may have been
Now it’s nothing but a sin to humanity
Land of the sheep and home of the slave

Now I will get more in depth with that, starting with July 4, 1776, which is now Independence Day or America’s birthday. What I now think is a misconception is that the country is 237 years old, and the government maybe however, the spirit of freedom…did not survive but 89 years. It died April 9, 1865 when the South surrendered in the War of Northern Aggression.

This is not about the War; it is about the principle of freedom. If you add a caveat to freedom then it is no longer a freedom or a Right. It becomes an accepted standard of behavior or a privilege. In the end, I do not care about the reasons behind secession, just the ability to secede. Nothing in the Constitution or Bill of Rights said States were forced into a contract.

Indeed this line in the Declaration of Independence:

“That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

This is freedom! Let us look at a paragraph before the above one:

”When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

This is secession! If America were truly the Land of the Free then Secession on a personal level or as a State would not be an issue. States would not be indebted to the government for handouts for bloated budgets. If this were the Home Of The Brave then it never would have gotten this far in the first place. Brave maybe against those outside the group but the group (country) is sacrosanct.

No, instead, it is the home of a group of people comfortable with the standards now and you had better be too or the NSA will have a drone tail you. People who are comfortable with losing 30% of a paycheck before they see the first dollar they have earned making a living and then have to pay more taxes at the store. Only a black market is tax-free, even something as simple as a yard sale is a black market. Americans who probably don’t know how many kids and Americans (3) have been murdered overseas due to complacency and apathy. The NSA listening and logging our phone calls and the outrage is…nothing.

“They always do that.”

This is America now? Why would I wish to be associated with this as a whole? As individuals, Americans are generally good people; however so are Mexicans, Europeans, Asians, Africans, and Australians. They see to their families and try to do right by their fellow humans. Therefore, I will deal with them as such, human to human.

Not on a larger scale though, I will no longer pledge allegiance to anything, I will not celebrate a joke of a holiday that is the 4th of July since the country it celebrates died long ago. I will mourn the veterans on Memorial Day who naively believed they were fighting for freedom. They only stopped one while ignoring our own slave masters. Courageous, yes, you do not run to gunfire without either that or some heavy-duty indoctrination. Nevertheless, I will not thank them for my freedom, because I have none in the eyes of Uncle Sam. I have privileges.

I am not an American; I am Ronin, just a man.

Not Your Salvation

Daily studying the Gospel of Violence.

Seeking to understand the Darkness.

Not to battle the tyrants
Instead walking the way of ronin.

Thinking like the predatory animal that man is.
Honing the switch that turns off society’s conditioning.
Bringing to bear Hell on Earth.
Why the pushing to learn how to break a life?

Simple, to save a life.
Of the one I’m devoted to.
The red haired saint who keeps away the taint.
Darkness’s immersion balanced by Love’s light.

I’m not the guardian at the gate.
Protecting the sheep from reality’s fate.
Consider me a rogue scholar.
Here to shed light onto those who lie.

Turn a deaf ear and refuse to hear?
Enjoying your chains and slavery so dear.
I will not bleed and die for you.
You’ll receive what you deserve.

For this I train to fight!
Those who would take my way of living and life!
Preparing for a level of strife.
While still enjoying the good of life.

I’ll leave you to your self-inflicting pain.
Bleeding for others gain.
Comfortably sitting with the evil you know.
I’m out, it’s your show!

Pledge Allegiance To A Lie

Pledge Allegiance to a Flag

For one nation for which it stands
Under a God, Indivisible and for liberty and Justice for all

Hollow words ringing a room
Indoctrination coming to bloom
Words coated in hypocrisy

I refuse to take an Oath to a lie
For it’s not intended to be a nation under God
When the elders acknowledged the right to worship any or no god

Brutal genocide brought to bear when some wanted to divide
Showing that liberty was a lie
Justice quickly died

I’m not an American
Just a man

Who is stolen from
Spied on
Threat of drone overhead

To this you still wave your flag and shout America
Land of the free and home of the brave
Once it may have been

Now it’s nothing but a sin to humanity
Land of the sheep and home of the slave
It’s our fault, we made it this way

Always voting the same way or not at all
You have no weight to say my words appall
No Right you haven’t given away

Held sway to the cult of country
You can have it, I’ll walk my own way
Maybe America will be reborn someday