We're acknowledging two things when we see something that we call unforgivable or tell someone we'll never forgive them.  The depravity of man. The horror of sin.  You know what? It doesn't deserve to be forgiven, which makes grace so crazy and powerful.  I'm reading a book that I can only get through a chapter … Continue reading Unforgivable

Gone Fishing; Learning Under Jesus

One evening, after we arrived back in Capernaum, Peter was looking out the window. He abruptly stood up. 

We looked at him with unspoken questions.

"I'm going out to fish," Simon Peter told us. Six of us decided to go with him. Peter led the way with James and John following...naturally since they were fishermen. Thomas, Nathaniel, myself, and Bartholomew at the end.

We fished all night by torch, slightly hindered by only having one boat instead of two for a dragnet.

We rowed in early in the morning. James spotted someone on the shore by a fire. The stranger called out to us, "Friends, haven't you any fish?"