Arkansas Ballot Issue One: Higher Highway Taxes

Yesterday I covered Issue 5, the Medical Marijuana ballot issue. Today it’s the Highway Tax. It’s a ballot issue to “temporarily” raise taxes by a half-percent. I say temporary because people get used to it, and renew it.

Here is the full .pdf from the Secretary of the State’s website here

At this website you can see our gas taxes and how they compare to others around us here

At Talk Business Teresa Oelke from AFP Arkansas and Madison Murphy from the Arkansas Highway Commission have a dueling op-ed on it. You can read that here

Recently Arkansas got a online checkbook where you can track your money (taxes) so this link should take you to the Highway Dept page here if not, the home page is here

As you can see the Highway Dept. has over 454 Million dollars as of October 29, 2012. I doubt we need to pay more for gas and more government efficiency  And why am I paying for roads I don’t drive on?

I’m voting NO raising my  taxes with Issue One.



Same Direction, Different Driver?

Watched the power shift last night, Republicans took the House and gained enough seats in the Senate to lock it up. At home my blue state turned red.
As soon as the power shift was apparent, I watched hissy fits explode from supporters of the opponents. Predictable. I cast my votes for those who claimed(none proven as they’re first timers) to support issues that are close to my libertarian leanings. Most won, lost the ballot issues though, but I was in the ring fighting. Were you?
What does this mean for us. Honestly it depends on your personal views. If your side lost then it royally sucks. As for me, cautiously optimistic, now it’s time to put up or shut up. Watching Speaker Pelosi lose her position makes me smile, she and the House were going into a decidedly statist direction.
Now if the House does go into a direction where spending, perks and programs are cut along with taxes, it’ll be a good start. If our freedoms are restored without any morality police telling me how to live I’ll be happy.
Will anything get accomplished? I’d be surprised, but I predict a deadlock which to me is alright to at the moment. A stalled government isn’t  taking your freedoms. For an interesting perspective on our incremental loss of freedoms, visit Randal Lane’s site,, he updated it last night.
Now I will circle the edges, keeping my eyes on the re-elected and the newly elected. I’ll rest when I’m dead, always alert. I encourage you to also. I’m pushing for more personal freedoms and responsibilities, more of my money without anyone telling me I’m to stupid or immoral to live my life and that’s why we need these laws and regulations. And I go with whoever actively pushes that. What are your thoughts on last night?

Where is your country going? You Decide!

Well today is Election Day. The day that every two years we make a decision. A peaceful overthrow of government if you will. It’s very important since you have two options when it comes to changing the government: BALLOTS or BULLETS. And I prefer ballots, nobody died from a ballot(aside from a few careers, not a bad thing).

Since this site went up I’ve blistered the Internet with my views on politicians and their methods. From their propaganda tactics, why you should vote, a heated commentary on the blame game where the innocent hands are few and a smack in the eye of both parties. Now, today is where I will back up what I say, I’m going to vote. I hope you will too. It’s not like we’re dodging bullets like in some other countries to get to a polling place. Get informed, make your mark. I don’t want to hear whining from political arm-chair quarterbacks. Get in the field and show no mercy. To quote a favorite author, Thorin, “I want you to save your country from your Government.” That’s off of the Constitutionalist tee from Wicked Jester and the shirt I’m going to the polls in.
Well, still here? Go vote! See you there!