Discipline; A Difficult Topic

Discipline isn't a pleasant topic. As a kid, it comes in many forms: time out, grounding, spanking, or my dad's favorite, a lecture. I preferred a spanking since it was over quicker. Adults still deal with it, except our timeouts generally mean jail. Lectures come from spouses, friends, or authority figures. There are times it comes … Continue reading Discipline; A Difficult Topic

What Does The Bible Say About Disciplining

I can be an egomaniacal control freak, and because of that, I hesitate on discipline at work. Except to allow people to be sloppy actually hurts them and others. So out of love, you have to set them on the right path, or else it shows you don't care about them. Proverbs 3:12 and Revelation … Continue reading What Does The Bible Say About Disciplining