Amending the First Amendment

A troubling story here. Now a lot of people will like this idea because it cuts the power lobbyists and corporations have. However, allow me to show the dark side. Here's the story... ‎"First Amendment protects a right of free speech for corporations as well as for individuals, and that corporations (including those that … Continue reading Amending the First Amendment


Same Direction, Different Driver?

Watched the power shift last night, Republicans took the House and gained enough seats in the Senate to lock it up. At home my blue state turned red. As soon as the power shift was apparent, I watched hissy fits explode from supporters of the opponents. Predictable. I cast my votes for those who claimed(none … Continue reading Same Direction, Different Driver?

Questioning Party Politics

Yes, you may have noticed that both parties sit squarely in my crosshairs. That's because I'm honest, don't sugarcoat flaws, instead I put a spotlight on it. I'm neither Democrat or Republican. I define myself as a pissed-off independent. On social issues the Right is to far to the right for me, and on fiscal … Continue reading Questioning Party Politics

Change the game, vote smart, don’t fall for finger-pointing

I’m growing increasingly tired of the politics. The Democrats scream that they “inherited” the debt, which is true. The President loves to reiterate that point, while conveniently forgetting that he was a Senator passing spending bills for 4 years of the 8. The Republicans play innocent, never acknowledging their greed. Same game, different players. Unless … Continue reading Change the game, vote smart, don’t fall for finger-pointing