Amending the First Amendment

A troubling story here. Now a lot of people will like this idea because it cuts the power lobbyists and corporations have. However, allow me to show the dark side. Here’s the story…

‎”First Amendment protects a right of free speech for corporations as well as for individuals, and that corporations (including those that produce newspapers, films and books) have a right to speak about politicians and their records just as individuals do.”

That’s the Supreme Court Of The United States (SCOTUS) decision.

“I’ve introduced a People’s Rights Amendment, which is very simple and straightforward,” Rep. Jim McGovern (D.-Mass.) said at the forum. “It would make clear that all corporate entities, for-profit and non-profit alike, are not people with constitutional rights.

“…unions and nonprofits, in the same way, as artificial creatures of the state that we, the people, govern, not the other way around,” said McGovern.”

So does this mean all political news will come from State-Sponsored Media aka Propaganda?

“But what it would do is it would say, all of the speech in which, whether it’s corporations or campaign committees and others engage in, would be able to be fully regulated under the authority of the Congress and–and under our Constitution.”

It sure does make it easier to win reflections if you control the flow of information.

“…and “reducing the role of money in campaigns” (which some Democrats have said can be done through taxpayer funding of campaigns).”

And what about third parties? I don’t wanna give money to the Republican National Committee  & the Democrat National Committee. If you truly want to cut the ties between corporations and government then treat business like religions. Stay out of it. Then a business hasn’t any need to add a politician onto the payroll.

Ever notice that politicians of the different party are backed by the same businesses as the opposing party?

The businesses are just hedging their bets, that way whoever wins, they’re in! Instead all the government should oversee is reasonable environmental guidelines and safety. And no tax breaks, grants or subsidies for anyone.

Take the Federal Government out of it, and leave it to the States. That’ll fix the problem of overreaching government and crony capitalism. Smaller government is easier to watch.


Same Direction, Different Driver?

Watched the power shift last night, Republicans took the House and gained enough seats in the Senate to lock it up. At home my blue state turned red.
As soon as the power shift was apparent, I watched hissy fits explode from supporters of the opponents. Predictable. I cast my votes for those who claimed(none proven as they’re first timers) to support issues that are close to my libertarian leanings. Most won, lost the ballot issues though, but I was in the ring fighting. Were you?
What does this mean for us. Honestly it depends on your personal views. If your side lost then it royally sucks. As for me, cautiously optimistic, now it’s time to put up or shut up. Watching Speaker Pelosi lose her position makes me smile, she and the House were going into a decidedly statist direction.
Now if the House does go into a direction where spending, perks and programs are cut along with taxes, it’ll be a good start. If our freedoms are restored without any morality police telling me how to live I’ll be happy.
Will anything get accomplished? I’d be surprised, but I predict a deadlock which to me is alright to at the moment. A stalled government isn’t  taking your freedoms. For an interesting perspective on our incremental loss of freedoms, visit Randal Lane’s site,, he updated it last night.
Now I will circle the edges, keeping my eyes on the re-elected and the newly elected. I’ll rest when I’m dead, always alert. I encourage you to also. I’m pushing for more personal freedoms and responsibilities, more of my money without anyone telling me I’m to stupid or immoral to live my life and that’s why we need these laws and regulations. And I go with whoever actively pushes that. What are your thoughts on last night?

Questioning Party Politics

Yes, you may have noticed that both parties sit squarely in my crosshairs. That’s because I’m honest, don’t sugarcoat flaws, instead I put a spotlight on it. I’m neither Democrat or Republican. I define myself as a pissed-off independent. On social issues the Right is to far to the right for me, and on fiscal issues the Left is to far over for me. I want them to stick to the Constitution and get out of my way. I don’t need either sides values, I’ve my own. This is the problem when particular parties get in power, one thinks we’re immoral the other thinks we’re to stupid to take care of ourselves.
Should we abolish the party system of politics?

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Change the game, vote smart, don’t fall for finger-pointing

I’m growing increasingly tired of the politics. The Democrats scream that they “inherited” the debt, which is true. The President loves to reiterate that point, while conveniently forgetting that he was a Senator passing spending bills for 4 years of the 8. The Republicans play innocent, never acknowledging their greed. Same game, different players. Unless they were elected last year and/or voted against the wasteful spending, then no one is innocent. I see politicians on all sides get a “come to Jesus moment” when power shifts in D.C or it’s a election year…

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