Tax Dodging? Or Running From A Thief?

Have you heard of Eduardo Saverin, one of the founders of Facebook? He committed the unforgivable sin of renouncing his United States citizenship. Read about it here

“Why?” you ask?  Maybe it was to dodge taxes or as I call it, running from a thief. He says that’s not the case, so take that as you will.

Well Chuck Schumer couldn’t stand that so he’s trying to pass the EX-PATRIOT ACT. Here’s an article on it here. So it’s not so much that he’s leaving, it’s just that Schumer can’t get his greedy paws on those millions. While he discounts the fact you have to pay to leave. You have to pay a tax on all your assets when you leave, an exit tax.

But the larger issue is what makes the Federal Government entitled to any of his money, let alone money he makes after he’s left? And taking this to its logical conclusion, when will they  decide to levy the same tax on people wanting to come to this country?

Something to think about…

Solution: Fair Tax without the Prebate


Real Life Death Panel

Interesting article here. Apparently deep in the bureaucratic bowels there’s a hit list on who needs to die. And there was an American on it, Anwar al-Awlaki. Now I doubt few will argue that he didn’t need to die, but let’s look at the principle of it.

He was an American citizen, and even though he was at war with the government, he has the same rights as any other citizen. Like the 5th and 6th Amendments which I’ve covered here and here. When you break the law they find you and arrest you. Not issue a kill order to the police to shoot you on sight. But that’s just what they did for Anwar. No Miranda Rights, warrants or nothing. There he is, KILL HIM. They could’ve arrested him, I mean we flew a stealth chopper into Pakistan beside a military academy to get Osama. So that excuse doesn’t cut it. This sets a dangerous precedent. Are you on the death panel’s list? We now know that an American citizen’s right to a trial is not guaranteed by the government.

“He was a traitor.”

Treason is a capital offense but you still face a trial. Something to think about.