Immediate Obedience: The Adventure of Tuning in to God; A Book Review

After I got saved, I asked (then) Pastor Jaime what I should read. Because I'm always looking for something to read. She said the book of Romans and Pastor Rod's then-new book, Immediate Obedience. Let me just say before we start, it's like Christian basic training. Not only education but also application. Especially if you do the 90-Day Challenge. I'll get to that.

Biblical Parenting

Years ago, when Casey was pregnant with Squiggles, I began a study on Biblical parenting. I cracked open my Life Application Bible and looked up parenting in the back and started my notes.

Then we miscarried, and I set the notes aside. 

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With Samuel here now, I finished the notes while on leave, along with essential proverbs I think Sam should know. (Seriously, he'll learn all of them.)