It’s Time To Fight

"For Christianity is a fighting religion. It thinks God has made the world- that space and time, heat and cold, and all the colors and tastes, and all the animals and vegetables are things that God 'made up out of His head' as a man makes up a story. But it also thinks that a great many things have gone wrong with the world that God made and that God insists, and insists very loudly, on our putting them right again." Mere Christianity

C.S. Lewis on Christianity and ‘Religion’

I love reading C.S. Lewis; his thoughtfulness makes me feel dumb. Have you read any of his books? Mere Christianity is a must-read. Today we're going to look at my favorite chapter in his book, Miracles, titled Christianity and 'Religion'. Curious now? Popular 'religion' Lewis begins by saying most don't accept a miracle working God. He calls … Continue reading C.S. Lewis on Christianity and ‘Religion’

Friendship Is Weird and Awesome

Have you ever seen a scrubby tree that was desperately grasping at the dirt? That's me with feelings and relationships. My sister says I'm emotionally stunted. I tell her doesn't have room to talk. The scary thing is that I'm the most expressive one in the immediate family. She has a point, though. I once bought … Continue reading Friendship Is Weird and Awesome