Following Jesus; How To Not Burn Out

In the last post, I wrote about going through the motions of serving God. You get tired of it fast and crash and burn, especially if it is only you doing it. Except you are not alone. In fact, your strength isn’t needed. How is that? I came across a book called A Spirit-Empowered Life. … Continue reading Following Jesus; How To Not Burn Out

ConCom Christianity?

I was reading a book titled The Me I Want to Be, and in one chapter, he expanded on ‘turning the other cheek’. He wrote that first century Jewish society was about honor and shame. Then he mentions a hidden meaning that I had been told about before by one of my readers, Sean, and … Continue reading ConCom Christianity?

Fieldstripping Life

One of the first articles I read in 2015 was on about a principle called via negativa. I read about the concept before in the book Antifragile. It is fieldstripping life by removing deadweight rather than a complete change in direction. Instead of using your willpower to create a good habit in place of … Continue reading Fieldstripping Life