Cut and Paste Bible

What if I told you that the president took a Bible and carefully cut out the parts he liked? Then he pasted them to another paper, making his own Bible. That probably wouldn't turn many heads today. Which president would do such a thing? Who would do such a thing? You would. I would. We do. Thomas Jefferson isn't the only person to do it. He was just the most deliberate about it.

Heaven; A Book Review

When you think of Heaven, I can probably tell you what you're thinking of. You imagine sitting on a cloud with wings, visiting with dead relatives and friends. Maybe even St. Peter checking ID's at the Pearly Gates and hanging out with Jesus. 

If you're from a Christian background, then standing around the throne of God and singing all the time is a thought that passes through your mind. That's both appealing and unappealing. It sounds boring. 

Biblically, what is Heaven like? Randy Alcorn wrote a book called, well...


Biblical Parenting

Years ago, when Casey was pregnant with Squiggles, I began a study on Biblical parenting. I cracked open my Life Application Bible and looked up parenting in the back and started my notes.

Then we miscarried, and I set the notes aside. 

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With Samuel here now, I finished the notes while on leave, along with essential proverbs I think Sam should know. (Seriously, he'll learn all of them.)