Speaking With the Stubborn

Have you ever tried to persuade someone and nothing changes their mind? You appeal to their emotions, form logical arguments, present every piece of evidence short of a video. Facebook is really bad when it comes to memes that are so easy to knock down, and when you do, nothing changes. It’s frustrating. The answer … Continue reading Speaking With the Stubborn

How We Can Make An Impact

What happens when someone stands up and stands out? They get attention, sometimes it isn't good attention either. Why keep going forward?  Why sometimes you may not even be a victim, you could just be acting like a jerk. Why don't we look like the early church and how we can start right now? This … Continue reading How We Can Make An Impact

High-Impact Christianity; What’s It Look Like?

Are we living up to the hype of being a Christian? Is there a noticeable difference in our lives before Christ (B.C ;)) and after? What about in comparison with the society we live in? What is it supposed to look like? What did the early Christians look like and how can we make the … Continue reading High-Impact Christianity; What’s It Look Like?

How Long Until You’re Satisfied?

In life, people are pushing towards something. Even those whose lives revolve around punching the clock, paying the bills, and dying. Like dogs chasing cars, we chase something just out of reach, and might not know what to do with it if we ever caught it. This post was born out of a conversation that … Continue reading How Long Until You’re Satisfied?