What Would You Do If Your Kid Wanted to Enlist?

Doing research for the new book last night, I got to a section on who has the ability to declare war. And it reminded me of a question my wife asked earlier yesterday.

“What would you do if one of our kids wanted to join the military?”

Myself, I would question them extensively.

  1. “Why do you want to join?”
  2. “Do you see how the military is currently being used?”
  3. “Will you stand by the Oath you’ll take to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic?”

Lets take these one at a time. Why join?

‘Fighting for freedom’? We are less free now than before 9/11. Patriot Act‘s library record raids, warrant less wiretapping, FISA warrants you never get to see (how do you know it wasn’t written after the fact), being indefinitely detained by NDAA and molested by the TSA.

You’re not fighting for our freedom, that’s a bad joke.

For the perks, like the military paying for your school and sign up bonuses, etc.? To get out of the town you grew up in? At least that’s an honest answer I can’t shoot down.

How’s the military being used?

It was meant to defend the country, like when Pancho Villa attacked a town in Texas, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. 9/11.

That’s what it’s for. But  lately it’s not used for that.

Lets just go back 20 years. Desert Storm? To protect Kuwaiti Oilfields aka money. And under Clinton who sent the military out 44 times in his 8 years in office, as “peacekeepers”. Troops went to the Balkans, Somalia (Blackhawk Down), Rwanda, Macedonia, Ecuador, East Timor, Kuwait, Liberia, Albania, Congo, Gabon, Sierra Leone, and Sudan.

Under Bush going after the American trained Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which turned into Nation building. Iraq, which has nothing to do with us, more nation building and getting rid of a former friend. Threatening Iran, who had years ago ran out the American installed Shah of Iran.

Under Obama, Libya, Yemen, still in Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe Turkey soon. The Congo. Some details here

So if you want to be the world’s cop and used for corporate gain and lining politicians coffers, go for it. Just realize Iraq and Afghanistan is covered with contractors making lots of green off the blood of soldiers. The only legitimate  reason, and still illegal since war wasn’t declared by Congress, was getting Osama. Not building Afghanistan. They do provide food and support to nations around the world, though I’ve argued against foreign aid before. Still not the intent meant for them.

And lastly, will you stand by your word to defend the Constitution from enemies overseas and here?

Have you even read it? And if you have do you realize the government that gives you your orders has violated the document you swore to defend multiple times? If you don’t do anything that makes you a liar. You broke your word. How do you live with that? Do you have the integrity to stand by it?

And if you haven’t read it, and understand it, and take the oath, you’re nothing more than a mercenary working for a check. Not a patriot. How can you defend something you don’t understand?

In today’s current state I would advise against my kids going into the military and if they choose to do so I will make sure they understand what they’re getting into and the ramifications of that decision. Everyone should ask themselves these questions before joining.


A Nation of Slaves?

Government these days is just one person trying to screw the other person and get a piece of the pie. The pie being control over a weak populace that demands to be taken care of. 

I wish people would realize that whoever takes care of you is your master, they own you. And the government knows this, it’s why they always offer “help” and new programs using money taken from the very people they “help”.

Why not let them keep their money and help themselves?

Oh, yeah. That would make them independent. And someone who’s independent can’t be controlled so the government has no sway over them.

Why do you think they have so many regulations to just start a business, which makes you self-sufficient.  Or bust you for drinking raw milk or growing your own garden? Because you meet your needs, and therefore don’t need help. So you must be punished, made an example of.

Why beg for help from a government willing to detain me indefinitely without a trial courtesy of the NDAA, assassinate me with a drone, like American citizens overseas in Yemen. No trial for them. Or spy on me without a warrant due to the “Patriot Act”. Trust my government to take care of me? No. Fuck the government. Fuck the Republicans, the Democrats. I’m voting for the one party that actually will recognize my sovereignty. The Libertarians.

Maybe if enough people woke up and got off their damn knees we can make a difference. There’s a reason I hold people like that in such disregard. The failed potential. I have no pity for them. Only those who try on their own get my respect.

Obama’s Kill List here

War on Independence here

Drones over America here and here

What Would You Do If America Was Another Country’s Battleground?

Let’s look at a news story….
Ministry of Defense chief Holmes defends American drone strikes

June 6, 2012

UK Defense Secretary Sherwin Holmes has backed the use of drones to target militants in America, two days after a missile strike reportedly killed Irish Republican Army (IRA) leader Sean O’Malley.

Mr. Holmes said the UK had made it “very clear that we are going to continue to defend ourselves”.

He made the comments while attending a conference in neighboring Canada.

On Tuesday, America summoned the UK deputy ambassador to reiterate its “serious concern” about drone strikes.

There have been eight UK drone strikes in the past two weeks despite Washington’s demands for them to be stopped.

America says the drone attacks fuel anti-UK sentiment and claim civilian casualties along with militants. The UK insists the strikes are effective.

‘Our sovereignty’

UK officials say Sean O’Malley died when two missiles struck a suspected militant compound early on Monday in Oklahoma City, a city to the west of Broken Arrow, a town west of the Cherokee Nation tribal area.

At least 14 people are thought to have been killed alongside him.

The Parliament said O’Malley’s death dealt a heavy blow to the Irish Republican Army as he played a critical role in its planning of operations against the Crown, and had become second-in-command to  Boyle following Connery’s death.

“There is no-one who even comes close in terms of replacing the expertise the IRA has just lost,” one official said.

Speaking in Vancouver on Wednesday, Mr. Holmes made it clear that the UK would continue to use unmanned drone aircraft to kill militants in America, dismissing complaints that its sovereignty had been violated.

“We have made it very clear that we are going to continue to defend ourselves,” he said. “This is about our sovereignty as well.”

Mr. Holmes argued that IRA leaders who had orchestrated the June 21 2003 attacks were located in America’s state of Oklahoma.

He also said the drone strikes helped protect Americans, who have been the targets of attacks by the IRA and its allies.

The defense secretary also told the conference in Vancouver that the UK and Canada would need to “continue to engage America, overcoming our respective – and often deep – differences with America to make all of North America peaceful and prosperous”.

“America is a complicated relationship, complicated for both of our countries, but it is one that we must continue to work to improve.”

The UK is hoping Canada can provide additional support to Mexico, including trade, reconstruction and assistance for local security forces.

‘Red line’

On Tuesday, the American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the UK deputy ambassador, Lilly Allen, had been summoned to be officially informed of “the government’s serious concern regarding drone strikes”.

Ms. Allen was told the strikes were “unlawful, against international law and a violation of America’s sovereignty”, a statement said.

“The Congress had emphatically stated that they were unacceptable. Drone strikes represented a clear red line for America.”

Before the increase in drone strikes over the past two weeks, there had only been 11 such attacks in the preceding six months.

CNN’s Tricia Edwards says there has been a sense in Washington D.C that this increase in frequency of attacks is being seen as a means of putting pressure on – even punishing – the country at a time when it is refusing to re-open supply routes to NATO troops in Mexico unless certain demands are met.

If O’Malley’s death is confirmed, London may feel vindicated, but it will not appease a large section of American society, for whom UK drone attacks have become a source of considerable resentment, our correspondent adds.


Obviously this isn’t a true news story…or is it: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-south-asia-18343142
Just replace America with Pakistan, the UK with the US, Canada with India and Mexico with Afghanistan and a few names I pulled out of the air and you have a real news story.
  • Now after reading that, how would you feel if this was true?
  • So what makes American Sovereignty any different from Pakistan’s?
  • What would you do if the United Kingdom or some other country started blowing up civilians when they try to kill their enemies on our soil?
 What did thousands of Americans do after the 9/11 attacks? Joined the military.
See the double standard? For every civilian we kill, we piss off a little more a country with nuclear weapons, and the sons of families who lost loved ones to a drone strike with a raging pissed-off hard-on for America. It’s cyclical.
What do you think about it now? The constant wars, interventions, lives and money wasted, Anti-American sentiment?

Mission Accomplished????

The reasoning behind not writing about Osama yet is this, breaking news is 99% supposition, 1% something happened. Back in 2001, after the towers fell, we were told the mission was to get whoever did it. Since most of them conveniently died on the planes, that left the boss. So we went into Afghanistan to find him, except when the US is after you, its best to make yourself scarce. Into Pakistan.

Now I’m told we killed Osama. Except we have no pictures or other evidence besides the word of a politician, and we all can trust a politician, they never lie. Did we get him? I believe so. But I’m not satisfied with what I’m seeing, so I have questions.

Q: Osama was unarmed, why did they shoot him in the head?
A?: Suicide vest.
Q:In a surprise raid while he’s in his pajamas?

Q: Isn’t he more valuable alive as a source of information? He didn’t survive this long by being stupid, I doubt he has a lot of data lying around.

Q: Why the burial at sea?
A?: Islamic tradition, no shrine for him.

Q: Why do we care about Islamic tradition for an enemy? You don’t respect the dead unless they earned it.
A?: We don’t want to incite more violence by the disrespect.
That doesn’t fly with me, we just turned him into a martyr for the cause. And they’re already killing us, so I don’t think another reason to will matter.

Q: Why won’t the White House release the pictures?
A?: No trophies, respect.
Q: Yeah, or do you have no pictures?
A?: Congress saw them.
Q: You believe a bunch of people who’s main job is to convince a majority that they have your best interests at heart?

This isn’t adding up to me, you have to question everything, even the answers. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, there’s a difference between conspiracy theories and questioning. Do you believe all that you’re told?

This is my thoughts.
Did we get him? Yes.

Did we kill him? No. I think we captured him and faked his death.

Why do that? If the world thinks he dead, they won’t try to save him, thus leaving him at the mercy of his interrogators. It makes no strategic sense to me to kill a valuable intelligence asset. I wouldn’t have killed him because of what I can get out of his head. And being “dead” he can be tortured because “dead” men can’t talk.

Mission Accomplished? Yes. Now can we leave? Because someone is always wanting to kill us.