Jesus Appears; Learning Under Jesus

Thomas had left the room, and we locked the door behind him. Jesus wasn't in his tomb. In fact, reports had been coming in that he'd been spotted. Mary had seen him. We locked the door in case the temple authorities found us. I looked at the fading daylight out the window. Then I heard an exclamation and turned to look. Jesus was standing in the middle of the room; the door still locked. He smiled and with a bit of a laugh, said, "Peace be with you!"

Where’s Jesus; Learning Under Jesus

It's been three days since Jesus was crucified. With the Sabbath yesterday, the women couldn't put the spices on his body since the shops were closed. As dawn started cracking the sky with light, I watched as Jesus' mother, Salome, Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and a couple of others leave for the tomb. Maybe an hour later they came running back, shouting over each other. John got them to calm down and tell us what happened. 

Betrayal! Learning Under Jesus

We walked towards the Garden of Gethsemane, listening to Jesus teach as we walked. He stopped at one point, turned, and looked at us. We waited, sensing he was about to say something, but it was weighing on him. Then Jesus told us, "This very night you will all fall away on account of me, for it is written: "' I will strike the shepherd,     and the sheep of the flock will be scattered.' But after I have risen, I will go ahead of you into Galilee." Peter replied, "Even if all fall away on account of you, I never will." That was a bit insulting, Peter, I thought. "Truly I tell you," Jesus answered, "this very night before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times." But Peter declared, "Even if I have to die with you, I will never disown you."  "I'll never leave you," I said.