A Ronin’s Journey: Chapter 3

Throughout most of my adulthood, people asked for my advice. I even published a couple of books filled with it along with a blog called Ronin's Journey. I was not very good at taking my own advice, though, so after some previous introspection, that was almost too late. Then the world turned upside down. This book is about insecurity, ego, pride, regret, and rebirth. How it is structured is that most chapters cover one month, starting with the worst day of our lives, the haze immediately following, and up to the seventeen months after. It comes from the grief journal that I kept at the suggestion of a counselor as a logbook of emotions, flashbacks, anxiety attacks, and insights. I hope that the process lets you know that you are not alone; with the techniques I used helping you as they did me.


We're acknowledging two things when we see something that we call unforgivable or tell someone we'll never forgive them.  The depravity of man. The horror of sin.  You know what? It doesn't deserve to be forgiven, which makes grace so crazy and powerful.  I'm reading a book that I can only get through a chapter … Continue reading Unforgivable