Cold Case Christianity; A Book Review

What happens when an atheist detective who mocked Christians investigates the Gospels like one of his cold case murder investigations? His world gets rocked. He didn't want it to be true. Except for the evidence from his years of investigating, it was staring him in the face. J.Warner Wallace turned that investigation into a book called Cold-Case Christianity.

The Ragamuffin Gospel; Book Review

If anyone was to ask, what Christian book do you recommend over any other, what would it be? It wouldn't be a great theological tome like Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica. Or the current number one bestseller. No, it would be a book that helped a beat-up me in 2014, right after I was saved. It was written by a priest who struggled with alcoholism all his life and returned to God's extravagant grace.  That book is...