Not Your Salvation

Daily studying the Gospel of Violence.

Seeking to understand the Darkness.

Not to battle the tyrants
Instead walking the way of ronin.

Thinking like the predatory animal that man is.
Honing the switch that turns off society’s conditioning.
Bringing to bear Hell on Earth.
Why the pushing to learn how to break a life?

Simple, to save a life.
Of the one I’m devoted to.
The red haired saint who keeps away the taint.
Darkness’s immersion balanced by Love’s light.

I’m not the guardian at the gate.
Protecting the sheep from reality’s fate.
Consider me a rogue scholar.
Here to shed light onto those who lie.

Turn a deaf ear and refuse to hear?
Enjoying your chains and slavery so dear.
I will not bleed and die for you.
You’ll receive what you deserve.

For this I train to fight!
Those who would take my way of living and life!
Preparing for a level of strife.
While still enjoying the good of life.

I’ll leave you to your self-inflicting pain.
Bleeding for others gain.
Comfortably sitting with the evil you know.
I’m out, it’s your show!


Pledge Allegiance To A Lie

Pledge Allegiance to a Flag

For one nation for which it stands
Under a God, Indivisible and for liberty and Justice for all

Hollow words ringing a room
Indoctrination coming to bloom
Words coated in hypocrisy

I refuse to take an Oath to a lie
For it’s not intended to be a nation under God
When the elders acknowledged the right to worship any or no god

Brutal genocide brought to bear when some wanted to divide
Showing that liberty was a lie
Justice quickly died

I’m not an American
Just a man

Who is stolen from
Spied on
Threat of drone overhead

To this you still wave your flag and shout America
Land of the free and home of the brave
Once it may have been

Now it’s nothing but a sin to humanity
Land of the sheep and home of the slave
It’s our fault, we made it this way

Always voting the same way or not at all
You have no weight to say my words appall
No Right you haven’t given away

Held sway to the cult of country
You can have it, I’ll walk my own way
Maybe America will be reborn someday

Little One: A Tribute

A year ago today we suffered a miscarriage, this is a third poem about Little One, a tribute and closure.

Little One it doesn’t seem so long ago
That you let us know you we’re going to show
A month later and you were lost
If I could’ve saved you, I would no matter the cost

A year has passed, you’d be 3 months I wager
I thought of you often, filled with grief and anger
Spilling fury and tears onto paper
The five stages of grief were to my emotions like a scraper

I’ve broken down and risen again
A slight echo of pain I’ll always carry within
It’s time to move on, I hope you understand
Living in the past, I no longer can’t

We will hold up your memory
Tell the good story
Our love will never die
You were our first, in my eye

Release The Demons

Walking through life
A life of strife
Taking it in
Every little sin

Holding them inside
Where the demons reside
More than I knew
I’ve released in a spew

I’ve taken the darkness
And face my reality’s starkness
To battle I go
The outcome I do not l know

I’ll kill them as they attack
There is no going back
The chains I’ll release
And will do as I please

Better than before
More than Ronin by four score
I have an ideal
And now I’ll make it real


Where were you when she was at her lowest
Where were you when she needed you
Why do you expect her when you’re at your lowest
Why do you call when you need something

You claim you’re close as sisters
You claim that she’s your best friend
More like family when you want to move
More like a friend when it benefits

I remember a long night in the Emergency Room
Fear of the unknown, the what if
Where were you then
At home talking to a friend

Days later back at the ER
To my surprise you were there
Not for your sister, your closest friend
But for another friend

When she wanted to talk about her pain
Your answer was “Get over it, move on.”
When she went to a baby shower to support a friend
Where she broke down, yet remained

Where were you when she was at her lowest
Where were you when she needed you
Now you’re in pain
Insides are twisting

You called her, she came
But you’ll always stay the same
In past you were there
But that was then, this is now

Where were you when she was at her lowest
Where were you when she needed you
Why do you expect her when you’re at your lowest
Why do you call when you need something

You don’t realize how lucky you are she isn’t me
The kindest soul I know
I’m done with you for what you’ve done
Hurting me is one thing, hurting her is a deadly sin

Where will I be if you’re at your lowest
Where will I be when you need help
I will be where you were when she was at her lowest
I will be where you were when she needed help

Not there

True Colors

A betrayer of a sacred trust
A vow made, you ground to dust
“Forsaking all others”
You quickly looked afterwards

Yes, your wife is a bitch
And your relationship is falling to bits
However, until she releases you from your vow
Neither one of you can honestly prowl

A one time transgression
Quickly became a procession
I watched you two’s actions so cruel
My anger it did fuel

My code and I are bound by integrity
And when I break it I don’t even spare me
My friends are far and few
One less now that your bill is due

I see how willing you were to break a vow to one you truly loved
So much easier to betray others like the wringing the neck of a dove
When karma comes your way
Don’t look for me to help your debt you must pay

Only friends and good people in a bad spot
Get any of the time that I’ve got
You are neither
So to me, die, and float into the ether.

My Christmas Gift to You

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That’s right.

My Christmas Gift to you is a free copy of Howls From The Wolfpack. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

See you afterwards.

Anniversary On The Mountain

Darkness descends
The crickets sing
The Sun’s battle with the night
As streaks of fire strike out with light

Setting behind the mountain
My love for my wife never more certain
As we watch it set
Joyful for the five years since we met

I sit in the shadows with fire my companion
Providing a meal for I am her champion
Later we sit by the fire
The moonlight so pure

Enjoying the moment alone together
Looking forward to the years from now to forever
Wind gently blows across our skin
Let the rest of our lives begin