Jesus Would Vote For…

This site used to be filled with political posts. I even campaigned for Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party in 2012. After that season, I was pretty burned out and took a break. I read ConCom by Rory Miller and then was done with politics altogether after seeing the dynamics at work underneath it all. … Continue reading Jesus Would Vote For…

Do We Have Free Will?

One of my friends posted a quote by Epicurus on the problem of evil. I watched a couple of other friends respond. I had nothing to add, but in the comments the question arose about "the gods' plans and free will." Summed up, it is about determinism. I sat and thought through that all day, … Continue reading Do We Have Free Will?

Workaholic or Worship; the Danger of Multitasking Christianity

Ever look at what you do with your time? What is your purpose with that time? Do you get so busy that you forget the reason of it all or are in danger of doing that? I worry that I walk the line on that one. My free time is steeped in Bible study on … Continue reading Workaholic or Worship; the Danger of Multitasking Christianity

Thinking Things Through

I have discovered a bit of a protective streak when it comes to seekers searching for the truth or help and the younger Christians who have not really had the reasons they believe tested. I have not been directly challenged in mine; however, I do see stuff that makes me investigate further. Most of the … Continue reading Thinking Things Through