What’s Discipleship Mean?

A few weeks back, I read a book titled Pagan Christianity where the authors explained where certain church traditions came from. The part that stayed with me was the explanation of how the New Testament letters are ordered. John, Paul, and Peter – who wrote multiple letters – placed longest to shortest instead of a … Continue reading What’s Discipleship Mean?

Looking Through God’s Eyes

The next time you are out in public, look at the people around you, preferably without staring like a creeper. That gets awkward quick. What do you see? Truly, what do you see about them, in them? The guy in ratty clothes standing on a street corner with a sign, the girl sitting alone at … Continue reading Looking Through God’s Eyes

Quieting The Voices

We are covered in scars, mostly on the inside, though some are more like scabs, really. I did not realize one was festering until church one night. The pastor asked people without dads or having problems with their dads to stand so they can pray with them. Then he asked that a safe man stand with the kids and … Continue reading Quieting The Voices