The Majority Isn’t Always Right…

Watching the battle over gay marriage in my state this past week led to Arkansas’s Supreme Court to issue a stay on the marriages. So I wrote this when I shared the news link here

“Hopefully this is temporary and the Supreme Court overrules the tyranny of the majority. When it comes to issues of equality you cannot say you’re for freedom if you’re unwilling to let others love their lives as they see fit so long as no one is physically hurt.

Freedom doesn’t hinge on how you feel about something, it stands alone righteous and true. That’s what makes it grand.”



“Marriage Isn’t About Desires of Adults”

I get a newsletter from the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think-tank, and this week I got one concerning the Supreme Court’s taking on Prop. 8 and the Defense Of Marriage Act. I thought to myself that this might be interesting; it also was infuriating to my personal philosophy. Here’s a link here so let’s take a look.

Those pressing the Supreme Court to overturn the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California’s Proposition 8 essentially argue that marriage as we’ve always known it is not constitutional. But redefining marriage would make marriage about the desires of adults rather than the well-being of children.

That was the takeaway from a media briefing Tuesday at the National Press Club featuring Heritage’s Ryan T. Anderson, Claremont Institute legal scholar John C. Eastman, and Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Austin R. Nimocks (who is also co-counsel in the Prop 8 case).

“Government is not in the marriage business to regulate citizens’ romantic lives,” Anderson said. “Encouraging marriage is the only way to ensure adults take responsibility for their children.”

And what is DOMA? Regulation.

Redefining marriage to include same-sex relationships would further separate marriage from the reality that every child needs both a mother and a father, Anderson said, and transform the institution into whatever emotional bond the government says it is.

Say what? The damn welfare state and irresponsible heterosexual people are doing a bang up job of screwing up the ‘sanctity of marriage’. Look at Hollywood and the amount of kids on food stamps, government insurance, etc. And you know what? Everyone of them came from a heterosexual relationship. Let’s move on…

 Among the consequences: erosion of religious freedom and growth of the welfare state.

There is nothing “equal” about redefining marriage, Anderson said, a point he also made in a piece this week in The Washington Post. And the Court has held that same-sex marriage is not a fundamental right, said Eastman, author of Heritage’s legal memo on the marriage cases.

Religious freedom? Is someone else’s actions in their life going to come between you and your God? Does your God not realize it’s not your doing? Not very omniscient if it doesn’t. It’s not Biblical? I offer this…

Welfare state? You know what grows that? Democrats do. Republicans do. A supermajority of straight politicians. Excuses. The real growth comes from politicians bribing constituents with ‘free’ money.

This line…”same-sex marriage is not a fundamental right” If it’s not, then neither is heterosexual marriage and in the name of equality all marriages should be annulled or government gets the hell out of it and stays out.

“What is at stake is the constitutional authority of the American people,” Anderson said.

To that I offer this…

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

The Tenth Amendment. There is nothing in the Constitution that supports DOMA as legal. However, State’s can define marriage under the 10th, however it’s not right. The Constitution is flawed after all, but I can argue with this point from the Declaration of Independence...”We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

All men and women, straight, bisexual, homosexual, all races and creeds, are created equal free to their Life, Liberty to do what they want without physically harming another and pursuit of happiness, such as marrying whoever they love. Stating that someone has power to limit this flies in the face of what this country was founded on.

What would you do if a majority voted that you couldn’t marry your sweetheart?

The Right To Discriminate?

Well discrimination has been in the news lately. First the Boy Scouts of America and now the President of Chik-Fil-A. The BSA is purging their ranks of any homosexuals among the kids and adults; meanwhile Chik-Fil-A is standing against Gay Marriage.

I’ve covered this before, the rights of gays, so you’re pretty sure what I’m going to say. You’re probably wrong.

The BSA and Chik-Fil-A are not wrong. Shocked?

Let me explain it like this. I am an Individualist, sovereign, and as such I’m free to do whatever I want as long as I’m not physically hurting anyone. That includes my right to whatever lifestyle. Such as the Right to live a Gay Lifestyle. It is an Individual Right at its root. That simple.

By extension anything I own is under the same principle. Same as the BSA and Chik-Fil-A. Would you want a houseguest demanding you run your house this way or that? Not a very good business decision, alienating customers. Private Clubs operate the same way. NAACP, etc.

Now on a governmental scale, such as the Gay Marriage debate, it doesn’t have that right. Since in theory, the government works for everyone, it has to serve everyone, or not be involved at all. Preferably.

Now, since I don’t require validation from BSA or Chik-Fil-A, I have a choice. As does everyone. If I had a kid in the Boy Scouts he wouldn’t be there for long. Find another group, or start one. Have whatever you liked about the Scouts in it except for the bigotry.

Chik-Fil-A? Since their President doesn’t think my friends Ragoh, or Sandy can marry their partners then I will agree to disagree with my money and go elsewhere. They’re not the only game in town.

As I said in a chapter of Growls, it’s not what people think that matters, but what they do. And you have a choice. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Sovereign or slave?

Candidate Profile: Gary Johnson

With campaign season revving up, its time to get to know the ones that want to be President. Going to look at their record if they have one, what positions they take if they don’t. Coupled with my thoughts on the said candidate. I’m not going to list the party, because that’s just a banner politicians hide behind, look at person, not the party. To set the stage, here’s the link to his campaign website here. This has his positions, but I prefer to look at his record first.

Entitlements: Reform Medicare, making it more efficient, block grants for Medicaid and Medicare state funds, so they’ll make it work better. Repeal ObamaCare and the Medicare Prescription Plan. Base Social Security on inflation. No federal mandates and regulations on schools, and give the control back to the states. School choice with a voucher program, and ending the Dept. of Education.

Internet: No regulations on the internet, he’s against subsidization, FCC setting price controls, and no “kill switch”. No access, service or global taxes on it. Crimes committed online treated the same as offline crimes, no censorship.

National Security: He wants to bring the troops home because Osama’s and Saddam are gone, and now a unjustified war in Libya. Wants to reevaluate our deployments in Europe since the the Cold War has ended. And make our allies pay more, no more U.S subsidizing NATO for an example. No torture, and if your incarcerated unjustly, you can sue. And if your detained by the U.S you have to have a speedy trial or tribunal.(This is for those we fight)

Civil Rights: He’s for the expiration of Patriot Act, reinstate habeas corpus(see above on speedy trial), no more searching everyone at the airports by the TSA, and the if an airport wants a different security screener, they can go into the private sector. His quote on abortion.

Life is precious and must be protected. A woman should be allowed to make her own decisions during pregnancy until the point of viability of a fetus.

No funding for stem cell research, let the private sector handle it. Government stays out of marriage, and the church. Believes we’re making the same mistakes with drugs that we did with alcohol during Prohibition. Legalize marijuana and treat the same as booze and cigarettes. Same rules would apply, age limit, and driving impaired. Harder drugs are treated as a health issue, not a criminal one. A drug-free society will never happen unless you build a intrusive police state that watches every move and he’s against that. He believes in the Bill of Rights and less government intrusion.

The Economy and Taxes: Cut spending by revising the terms of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Eliminate our military interventionism in Iraq and Afghanistan, limit defense spending to actions that really protect the U.S. Stop spending on the fiscal stimulus, transportation, energy, housing, and all other special interests. The U.S. must restrain spending across the board. End the capital gains, and corporate taxes and simplify the tax code where their is no loopholes and special treatment. No bailouts and corporate welfare for businesses, no cap and trade, card check, and getting rid of the regulations that benefit special interests. Restrict the Federal Reserve to price stability only. Eliminate government support of Fannie May and Freddie Mac, eliminate and reduce spending and let the states handle it. Eliminate free-trade barriers and make work-visa applications easier. Balance the Budget by ending excessive spending, stimulus, subsidies and earmarks. Reassess the role of the government and let the private sector handle it.

Government Transparency: Audit the Federal Reserve, establish Congressional Oversight and stopping the Fed from printing money and quantitative easing.

Immigration: Simplify LEGAL immigration, background check and issue social security cards along with the work visa. A two year grace period for illegal immigrants in the country now. And make the way to citizenship open to those here on work visas. For ILLEGAL immigrants, enforce a ‘one strike your out’ on those who don’t apply for a work visa. Streamline the legal immigration process, and impose and enforce sanctions on non-compliant businesses.

My Conclusion:

PROS: An actual small government politician, with every new piece of legislation he asked, “Should government be involved.” Either vetoed outright or use line-item vetoes(which a president doesn’t have). New Mexico’s budget was cut by 10% and he pushed a bunch of tax cuts though only the gas tax cut passed. When he was term-limited out he left a budget surplus without raising taxes. He’s for freedom, and I actually prefer him to Ron Paul due to his executive experience. If the vote was held today, Gary gets my vote.

CONS: Doesn’t push to eliminate the Fed, but does want to get it out of the regulation business. And a progressive tax system will exist, but simpler. I prefer a Fair or Flat Tax.

Do your own research, see if you can agree enough with his actions to vote for him or not to. It’s up to you ultimately.

UPDATE: Gary Johnson is now the Libertarian Presidential Contender after the Libertarian Party Convention on May 5, 2012


Gary Johnson’s Controversial Issues

Candidate Profiles: Herman Cain

With campaign season revving up, its time to get to know the ones that want to be President. Going to look at their record if they have one, what positions they take if they don’t. Coupled with my thoughts on the said candidate. I’m not going to list the party, because that’s just a banner politicians hide behind, look at person, not the party.

To set the stage, here’s the link to his campaign website here. This has his positions,and having not served, he has no record. So we have to go by what he says and if he goes into how he’ll fix it.

Entitlements: His website states he’ll modernize entitlements, and how they’re currently failing. Repeal Obamacare, replace it with Loser-Pays Tort reform, modifying the tax code so individuals get the same benefits as business. Loosening Health Savings Account restrictions. Privatize Medicare, and he likes Paul Ryan’s voucher idea. Wikipedia says he wants free-market solutions. A bit vague. Privatization? Education? “Unbundling education means localizing education- making those on the ground responsible for the teaching and learning that happens in our local communities. Unbundling education means offering parents choices for their children to create a truly competitive educational system.” School vouchers, charter schools.

Federal Budget:A line by line look at the budget, it worked for his businesses. He supported TARP, though not how it was implemented. He hasn’t pushed for an audit of the Fed, he won’t stop it either. And he’d like a return to the Gold Standard.

Taxes: According to his campaign site, it looks he wishes to eliminate all or most of subsidies, across the board tax cuts, and get rid of the Death tax. And has said ideally he wants the Fair Tax.

Government Transparency: Nothing on this as of yet.

National Security: Calls for Diplomacy and a very strong military. Supports the wars, dealing with Iran diplomatically, but wary. Secure our borders and promote the path to citizenship.

Civil Rights: Pro-Life, wants to defund Planned Parenthood. Against gay marriage, supports the Defense of Marriage Act. Second Amendment should be handled by the states only.

My Conclusion:

PROS: Successful Executive experience, his war on subsidies and entitlements. The Fair Tax support is a plus.  Returning to gold also. Border security.

CONS: He supported the socializing of the banks and doesn’t see a point to investigating the Fed. I’m a bit leery of that, not a fan of government central planning as anyone who talks to me or reads my posts can attest. National Security wise, its time to stop fighting, we got Osama, mission accomplished. Fanaticism is a self-feeding cycle, so unless we go now, we’ll never leave. Herman’s thoughts on Afghanistan, I’m unsure of. His stance against gay marriage, in my view, you can have that position, just don’t force everyone else to march to your tune. His support of DOMA is forcing his values on others. The Second Amendment isn’t a state issue, its not a federal issue, it just is. States and the Feds need to stay out of it.

Do your own research, see if you can agree enough with his actions to vote for him or not to. It’s up to you ultimately.

Archive to the Presidential Contender page is here


Candidate Profiles: Newt Gingrich

With campaign season revving up, its time to get to know the ones that want to be President. Going to look at their record if they have one, what positions they take if they don’t. Coupled with my thoughts on the said candidate. I’m not going to list the party, because that’s just a banner politicians hide behind, look at person, not the party.

To set the stage, here’s the link to his campaign website here. This has his positions, but I prefer to look at his record first.

Entitlements: As Speaker he pushed welfare reform with the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act. He supported the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act that President Bush pushed for. He hasn’t touched Social Security that I know of.

Federal Budget: With bipartisan effort, Gingrich and Clinton balanced the budget. No deficit spending. That hasn’t been done since the 60’s or since then. Got to give them credit there.

Taxes: In 1997 this was passed, Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. Cutting among others, the Capital Gains Tax. Which I think should be eliminated.

Government Transparency: You know the website thomas.govwhere you can read the bills that Congress is debating was a creation of Gingrich’s House and the Library of Congress. And he pushed a bill that began the process of holding Congress to the same standard as “civilians”. It is titled the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995.

National Security: After he resigned, he worked on a task force to strengthen the UN. His campaign site says he’s for judicious use of the military, strengthening the borders and cutting off our use of foreign oil. I’ll go along with the last two.

Civil Rights: His site says he wants to end subsidies to Planned Parenthood(I agree, but then again, I’d end all subsidies). He’d protect all religious symbols in the public square. I can go with that, include them all or not at all. In a Q&A with Time magazine, read here, he stated on gay rights,

“There are a lot of practical relationships that we ought to find a way to accommodate. If your partner ends up in the hospital, there ought to be some ability to visit that partner. But I’m not in favor of creating the notion of gay marriage or gay adoption.”

As for the Second Amendment, he voted against the Assault Weapons Ban. The ACLU quotes him here on the Patriot Act.

My Conclusion:

PROS: He’s not afraid to take a stand, even shutting down the  government to make a point. He trimmed welfare, not enough for my tastes, but better than what it was. Balanced the budget, pro-gun, pro-freedom of speech, cut taxes and made a more transparent government. Close the borders and get off our foreign oil addiction.

CONS: He likes some subsidies, doesn’t mind our interfering in other countries’ affairs with our military, and doesn’t think gays should marry or adopt. I couldn’t find his vote on DOMA to see if he forced his views on society. He’s for the Patriot Act but not “the abuse of it in domestic criminal trials”, and I’m all against the Act. And normally a politician’s personal life doesn’t factor much in my opinion, but it does if it shows a flaw in their integrity. Newt was married 3 times, the last two were his mistresses while he was married. I can’t trust a man who will break their word to their partner, because if he’ll lie to someone he’s that close too, he’ll have no problem lying to me. And while he was persecuting Bill Clinton for his affairs, he was having one with his current wife, while married to another woman. That reeks of hypocrisy, which I despise.

Do your own research, see if you can agree enough with his actions to vote for him or not to. It’s up to you ultimately.

Archive to the Presidential Contender page is here

How Much Freedom Do You Think You Deserve?

How free are you?

What is the just and fair reason for making laws?

To have a reason to imprison those who exert their will on others.

You have a right to do whatever you want with anything you buy or have when your born(like your body) AS LONG as you don’t physically harm another. Correct?

Not in America, here laws are used to make you submit to whatever the political/social state of mind is.

A woman can get an abortion or be a porn star, but she is required by 2014 to buy health insurance by Obama’s Mandate and prostitution is illegal, so being a hooker is out. Hypocrisy much?

Continued in Growls Of A Wolf

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Thoughts on Government and Society

I realized Twitter is a veritable ammo can of my rants/bullets.I like to call them Growls.  So here they are for your enjoyment or anger, complete with hashtags. A few did piss off people on Twitter which made it oh so much sweeter. If you have it, you can find me at

  •  When I get to church I’m going to pray that stupidity becomes unbearingly painful #tiredofthiscrap
  •  We don’t have debt ceilings, we have debt suggestions #idiots
  •  Keep talking sheep, you’re just making our book thicker with every inane conversation #idiots #ideologues #sheeple #wolfmentality
  •  You know you win a debate when your opponent changes the subject faster than a cheating husband jerks on his pants when caught.
  •  Public Service Announcement: Don’t debate anyone with the Think For Yourself mentality if your best is character assassination, & chest thumping. We probably know your counter-points better than you do, due to our open minds and critical thinking #wolfmentality
  •  Democrats don’t trust business, Republicans don’t trust government. I’m suspicious of all of them until I peer into their souls, or lack of
  •  Society owes you NOTHING, it was here first. The only thing we owe society is not to bleed it like a leech, other than that, I owe society nothing, I didn’t sign a contract #leavemealone #Igotthis #donttreadonme
  •  You get what you earn, and what you earn depends on skill and initiative. Today, society has more skill than initiative. Does this fit you?
  •  People have a “I deserve this,” or “you owe me that” attitude. Guess what, unless you work for me, I owe you NOTHING, and you deserve NOTHING from me
  •  If you get back more than you pay in taxes, NEWS FLASH you don’t pay taxes #freeloader #notfair
  • A proposition for the #taxtherich crowd. Give all your money BUT 15,080$ to the IRS & stand on your principles & I’ll listen to your side.
  •  Your welcome. My taxes just paid for your kids school. #taxes #notfair #wheresthejustice #idonthaveanykidswhyamIpaying

That one above is the one that ticked off some people.

  • What would you do if a stranger run their hands all over your kid? What is the TSA? Strangers.
  • Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, TEACH him to fish, feed him for the rest of his life. A lesson America needs to remember #freedom Which is better for someone in that quote. Dependence on another for their life, or self-reliance and independence? Its really that simple
  • Gay people, what’s gay people? its always been people, or him, or her to me. Friend, acquaintance, brother, sister, equal
  •  The only tax I don’t mind paying is the fire Dept. I have a need for that. When I have kids, then charge me for the school taxes #fair
  • I hate the fact I pay taxes on a school that I have no kids in
  • Off to assess my property so the government can charge me for the “privilege/rent” of something they haven’t  put a penny in #mafia #taxes #sucks
  •  Bash Bush’s War and overlook Obama’s, it’s not humanitarian. If he believed that he’d be in the Congo or Darfur #whoprofits?
  •  Let’s put Darwinism back into action. Cut off welfare, except Social Security and Medicare, government grants and subsidies to businesses, & let people grow strong on their own & businesses work with help or chains. There’s a reason a momma bird kicks the baby out of the nest
  •  It’s WE THE PEOPLE, not kneel before the Federal Government begging for your monthly stipend. #hardcoretruth
  •  #hardcoretruth If a gov slowdown(not a shutdown) creates the aftershocks the masters of fear(politicians and their talking heads) say it will, doesn’t that tell you the government is to big, and we who live under it are weak.
  •  Let’s cut the spin, the budget battle is because the #democrats failed to pass the budget when they were the majority #passthebuck #truth
  • Gas is higher, milk is higher. Dollar weaker because of the Fed, Am I really supposed to believe their is no inflation #imnotaidiot

This is the Quotable Ronin. My thoughts in bite-sized, but hard to digest, mental snacks.