What To Do When You’ve Had Enough

When you have to deal with people, the dynamics are fluid and ever changing. Being a socially awkward introvert adds stress to that and eventually someone gets fed up. Usually me. It’s also a good metric of whose strength I am operating from. Paul had strong words about that in a letter to the churches … Continue reading What To Do When You’ve Had Enough

The Problem and Solution To The World

Sometimes we’re shockingly reminded of the evil in the world. I sat in our office listening to my supervisor read aloud the articles from the attack in Paris as it unfolded. In defiance and support, people on Facebook rallied with profile picture changes and threats. I sat, rather unsurprised, considering it all. It’s a problem … Continue reading The Problem and Solution To The World

Someone We Can Count On?

I hear a lot about Millennials, I may even be one or a Gen-Xer, I’m not sure which, and one thing the younger generation is good at is their B.S. Meters in day-to-day life. The thing is people will fail us. Two Faced? One day, I listened to someone say they wished one thing had happened … Continue reading Someone We Can Count On?

What’s It Mean To Be Salt and Light?

Christians are called to be “salt and light”. I wrote a lengthy post on that in November; however, I never saw what the response was to that until a while back. The unintended consequences of being myself left one feeling guilty and another running away. My Experiences In the first experience, it was during a … Continue reading What’s It Mean To Be Salt and Light?