Breakdown of the U.S. Constitution

Have you ever read the Constitution. Here you can, a bite at a time.

Breaking Down the Preamble of the Constitution

This is the preamble where the Founders wrote an overview and their intent on the structure and limits of the Federal Government.

Article One: Legislative Branch

Framework of the Legislative Branch/ Article One: Sections 1-2 of the Constitution

Setting up the House of Represenatives

Breakdown; The Structure of the Senate and Impeachment

Setting up the Senate and how impeachments are carried out.

Section 6 of the Constitution; Elections, Rules & Punishment

How the Legislative Branch makes and enforces the rules of the separate houses.

How Laws Are Born, and How They’re Killed; Article 1 Section 7

How laws are made, and how vetoes work and are overridden.

The 17 Powers of Congress, The First 3: Taxes, Debt & Commerce

The first three of the Enumerated Powers.

The 17 Powers Continued; Citizenship, Money, Copyrights and More

Powers 4-9

The Congressional Powers: Defense

Powers 10-15

The Enumerated Powers: Militias and the Capital

The conclusion of the Congressional Enumerated Powers

Article 1 Section 9 and Indefinite Detention

Habeus Corpus

Innocent Then Guilty, Direct Taxes, & State To State Taxes; More Article One Section Nine

Government Spending and Royalty; Closing Out Section 9 of Article 1

What States Can’t Do; Section 10 of Article 1

The States & Exports; Article 1 Section 10

Congressional Oversight on the States; Article 1 Section 10

Article Two: Executive Branch

All Things Presidential; Article Two of the US Constitution


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