How To Take On The World

The Overton Window is sliding way too far to the left and right. It’s drunk and needs to go home. The world, or at least American culture, is getting stupid. Or the whackjobs are so loud that they’re drowning out the voices of reason. 

Unless it’s higher-ed, the inmates are running the asylum there

The world is getting darker. In some states, they’re passing laws allowing a baby to be killed right up to birth. What doctor—other than Mengele—can live with that on their conscience?

Progressive district attorneys are refusing to charge for apparent crimes. In response, crimes increase, and we have The Purge “Light.”

The government is always sketchy, no matter what party is in power. It’s been proven that Twitter and Facebook have been used to manipulate us by our government. 

All the Covid conspiracy theories that were squelched are turning out to be true. 

When something happens, I wonder if it’s a false flag operation like Operation Northwoods to push public opinion. Or a plant to make a group look bad. Then you have the legitimate cases. 

The USA likes to think of itself as Superman but acts more like Homelander. 

If you’ve been around since the days I was going by Ronin then you remember how cynical and angry I was. I don’t want to go down those rabbit holes anymore. 

What courses of action do I have? 

1: “Don’t trust in chariots or horses…” (Psalm 20:7). The verse ends with depending on God. Institutions, governments, and armies are unreliable, and because people are involved, they’re inherently corrupt. 

2: “Be shrewd as a serpent and innocent as a dove…” (Matthew 10:16). Don’t be naive. Jesus didn’t trust people, he knew what was in their hearts. (John 2:24)

Work on getting mentally sharper, and don’t live by lies. Call a spade a spade.

3: Train and learn. Me, in my 40s, will be able to kick past me’s butt. I have to train or my hyperactive and rowdy kids will kick their dad’s butt. 

Physicality alone is a fourth of the battle. There are defensive training skills because you are your own first responder. This carries over to getting medical training, which is more likely to be needed. 

Especially when you have kids, I know one of them will fall off something and break a bone. Especially the little one. She has no fear like her mama. 

Are you prepared? We have outdated infrastructure that can’t stand up to the load or is being sabotaged like North Carolina’s Moore County. California has rolling blackouts, and the Texas grid practically collapsed in 2021. Jackson, Mississippi is in a water crisis with no end in sight. 

Do you know what to do? I’m learning. 

4: Be a force for good. Like Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia. Safe? No. Dangerous, but good. 

The Mission?

To grow more with King Jesus so I can share Jesus. Raise godly kids that will also be forces for good and threats to evil. To love my wife.

The side effect of that is the kids will see what a healthy marriage and family look like. Then they’ll know how to act and what to expect when they meet their significant others. 

That’s inward-focused. What about outward-focused? 

To constantly fight in the spiritual realm. When I see evil I can’t touch, pray against it. If I can handle it, intervene. Protect and care for those around me. 

Don’t be a bystander. 

If you read any of the Call-to-Action posts, you know we’re not to be bystanders. 

Serve in the ministries I’m involved. Don’t be a pew warmer. Never miss an opportunity to be Batman, to quote PatMac. 

The ripples I can make in the world are tiny. Here in my little part of it, that’s where the difference will be made. 

Who knows? My kids will take this, improve it, and take over the world.


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