My 11 Favorite Podcasts of 2022

If I do anything more than read, it’s consume podcasts. I can work around the house and listen while tuning out the kids’ sing-a-long TV shows. 

Here are my favorites from 2022. 

Jocko Willink’s Podcasts

This is the free stream where he interviews authors and looks at history—usually military history. Running at least an hour and a half, it makes for educational entertainment. Like sitting around a fire and listening to them talk. 

The free stream plus an extra podcast called Jocko Underground. He put it in place in case he is censored. I subscribe to it.

In the episode, he has a brief topic and then answers questions. 

Jocko and Darryl Cooper look at historical events and what unraveled to make it all explode. The obscure history is why this next podcast is on the list.

Darryl Cooper

The Unraveling on steroids. He did a three-part series on Jeffrey Epstein that’s worth a listen. Right now, he’s covering a time in the early 1900s when the US military went to war against Mother Jones and coal miners. 

I know where the Mother Jones website got its name from. 

Mike Ritland

Former SEAL and currently a dog trainer who rehabilitates military working dogs, Mike hosts a podcast similar to Jocko’s where he interviews different people. 

It comes up a bit for someone who isn’t religious, and he’s always respectful when it does. I’ve heard a few like-minded Christians on there. 

Clint Emerson

Season 2 is hosted by Clint, whose books made many of my 2022 list in a previous post. He’s a former teammate of Mike’s, and I learned a lot from the podcasts. 

Unfortunately, he is no longer hosting that, but I look forward to seeing what’s next. 

Pat Macnamara and C.J Ortiz

I listened to most of these on road trips. So PatMac had a significant influence on me throughout 2022. I’m part of his Coaching Squad on Patreon.

The podcasts are updated infrequently, but I listen or join in on a live stream for two hours every Thursday. So it’s basically a weekly podcast. 

Let alone all the YouTube stuff they put out.

Kyle Thompson

A podcast geared to Christian men, Kyle also has the most popular Bible reading plan for men at

He’s also been a guest of Mike Ritland and Clint Emerson. I’ve heard Pat, Mike, and Clint on his podcast. Undaunted Life is actually where I first heard of PatMac. 

I also get a lot of good book recommendations from listening. He’s been a recurring guest on the next podcast.

Phil & Jase Robertson

Stories and Bible study with the Duck Dynasty guys. It reminds me of life as a kid in small-town Arkansas. 

Scott Rae & Sean McDowell

Ever wonder how to think through today’s issues? This winsome podcast is a good weekly listen.

Dr. Michael S. Heiser

I’ve reviewed Dr. Heiser’s books, including The Unseen Realm and Demons. But if you want to get in the weeds or look at the world and Bible more supernaturally, it’s a good podcast.

That’s it for my favorite podcasts. It’s just a portion of what I listen to. While the others are good, these are the standouts. 


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