Regaining My Edge

In the hero’s journey post, I wrote about the work to balance myself. In the narrative framework, it’s called “The Master of Two Worlds.”

The hero balances who they were before and after the journey. The balancing act of living in the material world with the spiritual experience I’m gaining. 

If you’ve been reading the last few book chapters, you have an idea of who I was. The parts that can be redeemed, the protector aspect—the inner Batman I retired, I am working on regaining. 

It feels like I’m the only one. 

But I found something surprising in the pages of former DEVGRU operator Clint Emerson’s book 100 Deadly Skills: Combat Edition.


Warriors that are Bible-believing Christians. 

Richard Graham (Full-Spectrum Warrior).

John Lovell (The Warrior Poet Society). (My favorite)

Dom Raso (Dynamis Alliance).

Bill Rapier (AmTac Shooting).

Don’t forget the O.G., Colonel David Grossman. Then there’s Eddie Penney, another Tier One SEAL. His new book Unafraid: Staring Down Terror as a Navy SEAL and Single Dad, I heartily recommend. 

Then listening to Mike Ritland’s Mike Drop podcast, I sometimes hear other lesser-known warriors who give testimonies. 

I think of the church security team I have worked with. The Christians I see in PatMac’s Keep The Blaze Alive Coaching Squad. They’re a broad spectrum of people working to better themselves. 

And I can’t forget Jake Harrell.

These guys are something to aspire to. I’m not that odd a duck, after all. 


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