A Long Awaited Book

In 2010, I started a blog called Ronin’s Journey. Three years later, the real journey began when tragedy struck.

One of my coping mechanisms is to write. The process was I journaled and then psychoanalyzed it. The writings became a book I was going to use to help others. 

That was the plan when I started it. But instead, it turned into my testimony. 

The journey started before I was following Jesus. As such, the language and emotions are raw. I didn’t edit that out. 

I want you to feel my headspace.

Grammatically, Nay, aka That Grammar Gal, has me on point.

The book is heavy, and I’ve been putting off releasing it, just been writing and reworking it for nine years. 

On October 24, I’ll release a chapter at a time, bimonthly. Every other Monday.

Here’s the rub. I’m only releasing it to subscribers. So make sure you’re subscribed; I won’t promote the book’s chapters on social media like regular blog posts. 

The subscription is free. I can’t, in good conscience, profit from this story. 

Get ready for A Ronin’s Journey: The Road to Redemption.


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