Rapture Ready

The Rapture—when everyone who gives allegiance to Jesus is taken out of this world. Depending on your view of it determines how resilient you are. 

There are three views:

  1. Pre-Tribulation: Before the seven years of suck.
  2. Mid-Tribulation: 3.5 years of suffering and then a pardon.
  3. Post-Tribulation: We’re here till Jesus comes back to rule, and we all meet him in the sky like a country meeting their victorious king. 

Honestly, I prefer to check out before it goes to crap. 

I don’t think we will be raptured before the Tribulation. But, on the other hand, the perspective that we need to evangelize to as many as we can before we’re taken away does help missions. But unfortunately, it does not prepare us for suffering.

I’ve prayed for the Rapture on a bad day. Willing to bet some of you have too. 

To be clear, the timing of the Rapture is not a theological hill I’m willing to die on. 

I do lean towards everyone going through the Great Tribulation. Jesus promised we’d suffer, and historically, Christians struggle. Where they’re persecuted, the blood of the martyrs grows a larger underground church. 

China, for instance. 

This isn’t the faith of puppy dogs and rainbows here on Earth. 

Thinking that gives you a misguided view of Christianity. But then, when trouble hits, you’ll be mad at God for a promise He never made. 

Faith is forged in fire. To expect otherwise is naive. 


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