Gut Check

In the beginning, there was the Trinity. God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit. They created all that is seen and unseen. That means they’re in charge.

Except, we rebelled. Then we tried to make our kingdoms.

We’re not the only rebels. Dark spiritual forces are also at work. 

The King and Commander put a plan into action. First, they’re going to bring the rebels back into the kingdom.

They said surrender and turn away from the path you’re on. Instead, give your believing loyalty to God alone. 

We may believe, but how many are loyal to God?

I’ve been looking at calls to action in the New Testament. Jesus’ most common one is “Repent and follow me.”

He sets the direction. We follow. 

Why do you follow someone? 

Your loyalty to them. 

How did they earn that?

Jesus sacrificed himself. Now we have a way to enter his kingdom.

If you accept that he died for your sins and rose again, turn from them and follow him. You will be saved. 

Because of your loyalty, you obey his commands. He is King, after all. 

The main command—what Jocko calls the Commander’s Intent—is to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. And love others as you love yourself. 

Fortunately, the Holy Spirit empowers you to do this. Therefore, we see it as our basic level of development. 

Do we show love?

Is there joy?

What about peace that surpasses all understanding?

Are we kind? 

Is there goodness present? 

Are we faithful?

Do you possess gentleness, which is strength under control?

Lastly, are we impulsive or under disciplined self-control?

This will cause friction between ourselves and the world. We are another kingdom spreading into and through the enemy-controlled territory.

Every piece of ground is claimed and counter-claimed by God and Satan. 

Decisions are tactical moves that direct us towards darkness or light. Retreat is easy, but it will be harder to reclaim that position. 

This is suffering. 

Christian maturity and capability are built through it. 

Our capacity grows. 

That pressure leads to endurance. Hold fast, and through that, character is built and tested. Then retested. 

We have hope because it won’t last. For God reconciles us to Him. 

The good times will roll. 

Until then, don’t just hold fast. Chase down righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness. 

Seize initiative, and move fast. We have a job to do.


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