The Innocence of a Child

I wrote this a few weeks ago and sat on it. It’s something on my mind a lot. 

How will I educate my kids?

Proverbs says train up a child in the way they should go and they won’t depart from it. Except I will be competing with media, social media, and who they hang around. 

I will have some control over that. 

I’m also watching schools lose their ever-loving minds. We’re in an agricultural town of little more than 1,000, so I’m hoping the school doesn’t go off the rails.

In school, we had the basics: math, English grammar, science, secondary languages, etc. Literature was books like Of Mice and Men and the now-banned book To Kill A Mockingbird

We learned about the government in my Civics class and reenacted a Supreme Court case. I don’t remember who picked it, but it was Roe v. Wade. 

Sex-Ed was a one-day thing in Health during my sophomore or junior years. I may have been a freshman. It consisted of a video about how the human body works to reproduce, complete with watching a baby being born.

Florida and now other states are passing Parental Rights bills to keep activist teachers from teaching anything sex-related from pre-K to third grade. It’s making some folks mad. 

Kids that age shouldn’t be burdened with that. They’re innocents who aren’t emotionally or mentally mature enough for that. Puberty is still in the future. 

Kids that age live in a world of make-believe and magic. They shouldn’t be making or being coerced into any permanent decisions at that age. 

If someone talks to my kids about anything sexual, we will have an uncomfortable conversation. 

At that age, girls have cooties and boys are weird. 

Teachers have an enormous influence on kids, as much as parents do. Both should work hand in hand, with parents needing to know what their kids are learning. 

Leave ideological activism out of public schools. For example, would you be comfortable with teachers instructing kids on the Bible?

I wouldn’t unless it’s used as a historical source. 

Why? Because I don’t know what their theological or doctrinal base is. 

You say God, and I wonder if you’re talking about a deistic god, Yahweh, Allah, or the Universe. 

I recently said fact check your pastor. I also say fact check the teachers. 

A parent’s job is to protect their kids and use the 20 years they have with them to prepare them for the next 60-80 years. Stay involved.

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