Theology Lessons from Parenting

Having my first kid taught me a bit about God as Father. My second kid is teaching me about God’s protectiveness. With Sam as a toddler now, I’m learning about discipline and righteous anger.

While I am protective of Sam, I’m very protective of my daughter Faith. The Dad Voice thunders only if Sam hurts her by smacking her or climbing on top of her. 

I’ve warned him that his aunt is four years younger than me, and she left scars from our childhood battles. However, there is a little over a year difference between them, so she will be fighting in his weight class. 

I tell Faith of her inherent worth and value, and if no one recognizes that, then drop them. I tell her not to let people use her, either. 

If a boy doesn’t take “no” for an answer, then throat punch and leave. Sorry, not sorry. 

A friend recently had her first girl, and she mentioned her husband turned into a papa bear. I replied, “Little girls do that.”

Speaking of boundaries, moving into the new house let us childproof from the ground up. As a result, Sam has plenty of free reign to explore and play. There are even a couple of kitchen cabinets he can get into. 

We put a hedge of protection around him, yet he can do what he likes within those boundaries. It’s a lot like God’s commands; they’re in place for a reason.

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