Cookie Cutter Worship

I sat in church, listening to the choir repeat the same stanza a dozen times. At that moment, I remembered a book my wife and I got as a wedding gift, along with a question.

Are we wired to show/receive love to God in different ways?

Scanning the sanctuary during the singing, I saw most people with hands raised. Others had their hands down. Many people were standing, others were sitting, and one guy was waving his lighter in the air.

Kidding. I just wanted to see if you were paying attention. 

What does this have to do with anything?

The book is called The Five Love Languages, and I recommend it for all couples. 

Can they apply to God?

The five languages are words of affirmation, physical touch, receiving gifts, quality time, and acts of service. 

We can take physical touch out of the equation. 

My love language is quality time. Luckily, it’s my wife’s too. I show love with acts of service. 

Quality time translates into learning all I can about God, i.e., quality time in the Bible, prayer, and theology books. 

Acts of service would be volunteering. Matthew 25:37-40 tells us when we help others, it’s the same as doing that for God. If you have kids, how does that make you feel when someone does something for them?

It’s the same idea. 

Words of affirmation are easy. That’s thanking God, praise, and singing. What we typically think of as worship.

So you see, worship doesn’t have to be cookie-cutter. So what’s your love language with God?

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