We Interrupt Your Regular Programming…

This past Sunday my Pastor shares a Word from God. He threw out his planned message (written months in advance) when he was prompted the Friday before. I thought you might like it too.

This is copied from his Facebook. Watch the message for context in the link below.

Pastor Rod

Friday of this week, I sensed the Lord speaking to me with a message for His church, here in North Little Rock and in America. After this weekend’s message, people asked me to post the word from the Lord that I shared. Here it is:

It is time to put off the spirit of Heaviness. I am the Lord your God. I have called you to be difference makers who are filled with joy and peace. My yoke is easy and my burden is light. Come to Me. Take off the spirit of heaviness and put on a garment of praise. I’m ready to deliver you and set you free to live the life I’ve called you to live – life abundant and free and filled with My glory. Worship Me in spite of your heaviness. Praise Me through your fear. I want to change you before I change your circumstances. Do not allow the enemy to dictate your attitude or your actions. It is time to shine my light and share my love. I promised that in the last days I would pour out My spirit on all flesh. I am ready to do that – get ready to receive!

You can watch the entire message here: https://www.firstnlr.tv/ or on our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/firstnlr/videos

I haven’t forgotten about the blog, I’m preparing my year end wrap up. I like to see what God’s done in hindsight.

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