An Update

I’m writing this after my first whole week back to work and the start of my wife’s return to work. As a result, it’s hard to find time to write or even devote processing power to writing something good.

The Boss at the new house. It’s been gradually changing with the chairs, gutter extensions and paint.

I try not to put junk or anything forced out there. As of late, my creativity has been going towards making the new house a home. As for my reading, it’s been memoirs from Chip and Joanna Gaines and Ben and Erin Napier, on top of various books on fixing stuff. 

My Bible study hasn’t been neglected. While off, I took advantage of a men’s class on Wednesday nights. Before it started, I would drop in on the Deaf Church’s Bible study.

It’s growing and thriving much more than when I co-taught it. It’s a relief; God doesn’t need me to save the world. He’ll get it done. 

This is good since our newborn Faith adds more work to our lives with her older, jealous brother. Especially now that we’re functionally single parents with our split shifts. 

I did read some theological books while off, like N.T Wright’s Revelation for Everyone. I’m still reflecting on that and the dark inner workings of humans. It’s not formed enough to write about yet. 

I’ve been thinking of how we like to bring some form of order or beauty into the world. So that’s how I’m thinking about the house.

It can be even more pretty and work better. 

The shed in the back with rotted particle board walls was reduced to a frame. In the middle of that, I saw potential. 

It will be a covered patio area where we can watch the kids play. I’ll redeem it with new life. 

The back porch is a battle of entropy. It needs to be rebuilt. Instead, I painted over the dry, bare wood. 

Pretty, but hiding the decay. Apply that where you will. 

The front of the house needs a touch-up. A garden is there, and paint is fading and peeling on the porch. I want to make it pop. 

The order is needed where the water settles. Solving the problem is a cross between being a fun challenge and an expensive pain because the foundation is in trouble. 

I’m reminded of Adam after he had to leave the Garden of Eden. He had to go into the untamed and tame it, cultivate it, live with it. 

That’s where my head is at on October 12th. Hopefully, I can conjure up some words that ramble less sooner rather than later. 

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