What’s In Your Earbuds?

No one. Absolutely nobody…

Me: So, do you want to know my favorite podcasts?

Seriously, since the book reviews are doing well, I figured I should do a list type of post with my favorite podcasts. I love to learn, and there are laws against reading and driving. Podcasts fill that time. 

I’ll do the Christian podcasts this week and everything else next week. 

Of course, if these are playing while I’m driving, just imagine the education Sam will have by the time he hits preschool.

  • Think Biblically: Conversations on Faith and Culture

Hosted by Scott McRae and Sean McDowell, they tackle where faith and culture meet, obviously. They’ve tackled Christian Nationalism, the Covid vaccine, the Equality Act, Transgender issues, and Progressive Christianity. 

  • I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist.

Hosted by apologist Dr. Frank Turek, it’s a good podcast, though sometimes I get tired of the rhetoric. Recent episodes are “Your God is Too Small, Jesus is a Racist?” and “Return of the God Hypothesis with Dr. Stephen Myer.”

  • The Naked Bible Podcast

You’ve seen my book reviews on demons and how the Bible isn’t boring. That author, Dr. Michael S. Heiser, has a podcast where he is currently going through how the Old Testament and Revelation connect. You have to be a hardcore nerd to enjoy this. He gets further into the weeds than Pastor Randy. 

  • The Insurgence Podcast

The author, Frank Viola, of the book I reviewed called the Insurgence has a podcast directly tied to the book. Start at the beginning and work your way up; they build on each other. 

  • The Church Leaders Podcast

Geared towards professional clergy and volunteer leaders, this podcast has recently begun doing series with a singular focus on current issues facing leaders. They started with Christian Nationalism, with interviews with Samuel Perry, Glenn Packiam, Franklin Graham, and Tim Keller. 

Currently, the focus is on LGBTQ issues. First, with Juli Slattery on how the church can begin the LGBTQ conversation. Gregory Coles spoke about how it’s possible to be same-sex attracted and fully surrendered to Jesus. Mark Yarhouse on how to pastor someone who has gender dysphoria. Ed Shaw on how God used his same-sex attraction to equip him as a pastor. The latest is the above-mentioned Sean McDowell on how Scripture is very clear about God’s design for sexuality. 

A lot of different voices on important issues today. 

  • Stand To Reason and #STRask

The first is hosted by Greg Koukl, and he has a monologue or a guest and then takes callers with questions. I reviewed his book Tactics. It’s a good podcast that’s an hour-long and twice a week.

#STRask is also twice a week, but it’s pure Q&A. You send him and Amy Hall questions on Twitter with that hashtag, and they answer them. It runs for about 20-30 minutes. 

  • The Cold-Case Christianity Podcast

I reviewed this host’s book by the same name. J. Warner Wallace looks at Christianity and culture with the eye of a detective. 

  • Defenders Podcast

This is a philosopher and theologian William Lane Craig’s Sunday School class. It’s a seminary-level education. I love it, even though I don’t always understand it.

All the apologetic and theological podcasts! Any preaching?

Why yes.

  • Tony Evans’ Sermons
  • Love Worth Finding with Adrian Rogers (get back to my Baptist roots with these.)
  • Timothy Keller Sermons (Gospel in Life) (He feeds my mind and soul.)
  • First Assembly NLR Audio Podcasts (from my church FirstNLR with Pastor Rod Loy.)

Next post, I’ll do the rest, a blend of podcasts from fitness, leadership, and history. 

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