Life Happens

Life can go topsy turvy real quick, throwing off routines and setting fire to your schedule. I’ve had a bit of an issue writing lately—a little bit of writer’s block and a lot of “where’s the time to write.”

Before Sam came along, I maintained a month lead in posts at two posts a week. Bible study, workouts, even with overtime at work. 

After Sam, I still managed that publishing schedule. My running stopped in favor of weights at home again. Covid put the pause on a lot of things, which helped. 

Now the world is regaining its footing and its pace. Work picked back up, with orders coming in again. Working six days a week, and if I have to hang over until 3 AM, that day is shot. 

Kids have to eat after all, no matter how much sleep daddy gets—copious amounts of caffeine help. 

Workouts are suffering. Time with God too, at least with the in-depth study I had been doing. I’m not even reading at the same pace I was. 

My little boy will be ten months old this month and much more active, taking up more of my attention. 

He’s so much fun. 

In four months, he will have a sibling.

That was a surprise. 

Now our time goes to preparing for the new baby. My little truck will be traded in for something that can fit four people. That requires a ton of research because I’ll drive something till the wheels fall off. 

I got 16 years out of my truck. I expect Sam to graduate with me still having this new vehicle. 

All this just to say I’m not sure about my ability to maintain my publishing schedule. My routine is off the rails at the moment with work, doctor appointments, preparing for Baby #2, class prep, etc. 

Ecclesiastes speaks of life being broken up into seasons. This is a season of adaption. 

I will do my best to post at least once a week with a book review or a normal post. Time will tell. See you then.

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