Jesus Isn’t For America

The first week of January was crazy and enlightening. If anyone doubted the cult status of Trump, they didn’t after. Even leading evangelicals doubled down on support, and it reflects on Jesus. 

It’s bad enough that evangelical Christians are a voting block, even though they’re not all born-again Christians but cultural Christians. We all get painted with the same brush.

Then there is the idolatry that is Trump worship or nationalism taking over people’s lives. It made one friend state they were walking away from God because of these Christian leaders. 

It reminded me of Peter asking Jesus about John. 

“Peter turned and saw that the disciple whom Jesus loved was following them. When Peter saw him, he asked, “Lord, what about him?” Jesus answered, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is it to you? You must follow me.” John 21:20-22

What is it to you? You must follow me.

Does that mean we say nothing? First, we have to remove the speck from our eye. If you’ve pre-judged any of the other sides and haven’t said anything about your side, don’t speak. 

In evaluating issues, I like what Peter Kreeft said about Jesus in politics. Jesus is the measuring rod, the center, and human agendas and parties are left or right of Him. He doesn’t conform to them; they must conform to Him. 

Jesus isn’t for America. He’s for the Kingdom of God.

Jesus isn’t a Democrat. He isn’t a Republican. 

Jesus is the King, the Lord of Lords. If you claim to follow Him, then the Sermon on the Mount is your Constitution. Take up your cross and follow Him. Don’t worry about the other’s not acting right. 

You do right. 

If we do that right, then we’ll be salt and light. Then the next time someone sees a Jesus 2020 flag at a riot, they won’t say, “I knew Christians were just like us.”

They’ll say that person isn’t representing Jesus. 

I’ll paraphrase what one of my pastors said the weekend after the riots from my notes and the notes of my friend Brian’s as well.

Don’t ever assume we have godly leaders. Corrupt systems shouldn’t be our hope. Spoiler alert, any system invented by man is corrupt or will be soon. 

Both sides reach for more power, and when the other side gets into power, they don’t give the power back. They reach for more. 

If we align ourselves with evil, it will become more and more attractive. If we compromise to get what we want, then that compromise will be stronger than the desire. And if the person or structure/system we compromise is evil, then we have given evil a foothold in our life. 

Jesus called out people’s sin and religious people’s sin. The prophets in the Old Testament made a job of it. 

They usually weren’t popular. The kings had their own prophets, and God had his. Isaiah was a prophet of the king and the King, until a bad king took the throne. Then Isaiah’s speaking truth got him sawed in half. 

John the Baptist challenged the immorality of King Herod and was beheaded. None of the Jewish religious leaders said a word. 

Why? Because it was the Herod Dynasty that put that particular bunch into power.

I’ll close with the personal application question we were asked. Where in my life have I remained silent because of the opportunities I gain by staying silent?

Where have you compromised?

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