The Danger of Forgetfullness

I’m watching as history is white-washed or erased. If it bothers people and/or represents a defeated side, or a country’s dirty laundry, it has to go. This is a terrible idea.

We learn from the story, the metanarrative. It’s a part of our cultural identity. When we repeat the story, this is how generations are reminded of where they came from. 

It’s how the Jews have outlived their enemies. All other groups were killed or assimilated over the millennia but not the Jews. 

Look at the Old Testament. In it is the story of Israel, chronicling the good and the bad. Ancient Israel had more bad kings than good. 

Even King David himself, a man after God’s own heart, had his murder of Uriah recorded. He killed him to cover up his affair with Uriah’s wife. 

The adultery alone should have gotten David stoned to death. 

We learn many lessons from the negative examples in the Bible.

Every year, Jews celebrate the Passover to remind them how God freed them from Egypt. Fifty days later, they celebrated Pentecost to mark when they got the Torah at Mt. Sinai and joined in a covenant with God to become a nation. The Festival of Booths marks when they wandered in the wilderness and lived in tents. 

This is just three of seven holidays and feasts. They don’t just celebrate them; they reenact them in one way or the other. 

I’m afraid we’re forgetting where we come from. Not to have to remain the same as a people, but not to repeat the mistakes. This is the danger I see.

Wipeout stuff you disagree with—>it disappears from living memory as the generation dies out—>now either a conspiracy theory, scary story or fantasy that “could never happen” because we forgot it could->then it happens again.

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