We’re Not Supposed To Fit In

I must be addicted to the hate-filled dumpster fire that is social media during the political season. Despite filtering most of the political posts out, someone will pick up a flag to wave and run it into the ground.

It just wore me down one night. 

An incident happened where a child was executed on his front lawn. My Facebook feed blew up, screaming that there was no outrage or news about it. I’m staring at the outrage at the moment. A Google search showed the news stories.

A friend gave a list and said if anyone believed any of these, unfriend them. While I did fit one, I didn’t do it. I read the comments, shaking my head at professed “open-minded” people being very close-minded to different points of view. 

I took a walk outside and prayed.

Photo by egil sju00f8holt on Pexels.com

It feels new, but the political climate in 1st Century Israel was just as charged. The Roman Empire was at or near the height of its power. If anyone threatened that, they were killed.

In Israel, you had radical Zealots fighting against Rome. One was even a disciple of Jesus, Simon the Zealot. 

There were the Essenes, who thought everything was corrupt and were just done with it all. They left civilization to make their own community. 

Pharisees who were terrified God would punish Israel. When the sect started, they wrapped so many rules around the Law to keep from breaking any commandment. By the time Jesus arrived, they had held so fast to their traditions that they forgot the spirit of the Law. 

The Sadducees were part of the temple leadership that didn’t hold entirely with the Jewish Law. They just wanted to stay in power. 

Finally, there’s the Herodians, followers of King Herod, the Rome-approved ruler of the area around Israel. 

Then there’s Jesus, who didn’t get involved in any political movement or even work in any political system. He challenged them all by proclaiming the Kingdom of God is here, and it’s him. 

Let’s compare the situation today. We have both left-and right-wing zealots. I could say the Pharisees are the conservative right, and the Sadducees are the liberal left. Except, if you break a liberal rule these days, you’ll get canceled/excommunicated as the Pharisees did. 

Self-righteousness abounds now. 

Then there’s Jesus. He recognizes no authority other than God’s. Instead of raging, he healed, fed, and ultimately gave his life for everyone. 

There were times he would get confrontational. For example, when people tried to keep others from God, the self-righteous (check the speck in your own eye), and in particular, made war with the spiritual powers of darkness. 

If you read the Demons review, you’ll know that behind all that’s going on is Satan and his minions using the world’s systems. 

Jesus wasn’t using mankind’s methods or systems, but God’s. 

Christians should feel uncomfortable or out of place in all of this. We don’t fit in any box. Everything man is involved in will have hypocrisy, hate, and pride. 

Christians should feel uncomfortable or out of place in politics. We don’t fit in any box.

Blessed are the peacemakers; however, I’m seeing partisanship.

Mourn with those who mourn, but I see comparing pain. 

Do good to your enemy, but I’m seeing offenses that would get you killed in another culture. 

No, we don’t fit in, nor should we. If we start too, then we need to see if we’re really following Jesus.

No, we don’t fit in, nor should we. If we start too, then we need to see if we’re really following Jesus.

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