A Hidden Kingdom

There is a small but growing kingdom in the world. Many have tried to take control and use it for their own ends. Atrocities have been and are wrongfully committed in the name of its King.

What is this Kingdom like?

It’s growing alongside world governments as we speak. The Kingdom has outlasted others. Several countries are in an overt war with it.

They will not win. This small, growing Kingdom is spreading into every sphere of life.

The least will be the greatest, a pauper higher than a president. Those who work in the Kingdom now will be rewarded later.

Who can become a part of this Kingdom?

No one, unless the King helps them. One does not simply walk into the Kingdom. Nor simply acknowledge the King and do things in His name.

They have to turn away from all worldly loyalties in repentance and believe in the immortal King who died for them.

Because of this, the outcasts, the lower classes, are getting into the narrow gate before the elites. The King is unfair in a surprising way. He is as generous to the latest arrivals as He is to the earlier ones.

Everyone gets eternal life, gifts, and their debts to the King canceled. The funny thing about this King is that His Kingdom is coming, yet here; it’s underground, yet He is over all other nations.

These are a few of the reasons it’s worth everything you have. It is righteousness, peace, and joy.

No one knows when it will fully arrive, so watch for it.

What is the name of this Kingdom?

It’s the Kingdom of God. Its citizens are Spirit-empowered humans with colorful pasts. Yet, because they accepted the unmerited favor of the King, who said, “Follow me,” they could turn away from their old way of life.

They love God more than anything and love and treat others the same way they want to be treated. These people forgive easily because they’ve been forgiven.

The King is really particular about that.

So come and see this Kingdom filled with people from all nations and levels of life. Gaze at the otherworldly Kingdom of God.


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