Where Do Your Loyalties Lie?

un-headquarterWhere does your allegiance lie? Whose banner do you wave? These are essential questions to consider if you claim to be a Christian.

I was studying the book of Romans to prepare for class, and I got to Romans 10:9:

“If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

The theology notes in my Bible and online don’t touch on the power of that sentence. 

In the 1st Century, saying Jesus was Lord was treason. Why? Because Caesar was Lord. Roman coins were minted that called him the son of God. There was a religious cult that worshipped him.

We have different lords today: family, friends, culture, government, ideology, racial/group identity, politics, work. Even church.

ae9d002e013106a66259c2973eb4f1e5Jesus is the head of the church—believers—so if an institutional church doesn’t line up with him, then you had better.

All through the gospels, Jesus said, “Follow me.” He says it to us.

He doesn’t say, “I forgive you of your sins, so you can keep on doing what you’re doing.”

When Jesus says, “Follow me,” and you do, making him Lord of your life, here is what you’re also saying:

Conservatism is not Lord.

Libertarianism is not Lord.

Liberalism is not Lord.

Progressivism is not Lord.

The Democrat Party is not Lord.

The Green Party is not Lord.

The Libertarian Party is not Lord.

The Republican Party is not Lord.

America is not Lord.

The Constitution is not Lord.

My ideology is not Lord.

Biden is not Lord.

Trump is not Lord.

Bernie is not Lord.

I am not Lord.

Get the idea? When we say Jesus is Lord, we enter his kingdom under his rule. We obey him only, for we have turned away (repented) from every loyalty we had over him.

We can continue our lives as representatives of Jesus’ kingdom. Remember, though, our actions reflect on Jesus.

Gandhi said he liked Jesus, but not Christians. The British Empire that dominated India was a “Christian Empire.” Yet so was Mother Theresa. Who was more Christ-like?

When Jesus says to do this, and your worldly allegiances say to do different, which do you choose? That tells you who is running the show in your life.

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