The Day The World Changed

A few minutes before noon on June 10th a little boy was born. Not just any little boy, but my son.

He weighed 8lbs 8 oz. Symmetrical. 21 inches long. So I kept my promise, and named him Samuel.

For those new to this story, we’ve wanted a kid for a long time. Struggling through infertility treatments and miscarriages.

I began praying for a child and if he was a boy, I promised to name him Samuel.


In the Bible, there was a woman named Hannah who wanted a son (like my wife). She was mistreated by her husband’s other wife (not like my wife). One day she was praying at the tabernacle and the priest thought she was drunk.

She explained that she wasn’t. Telling him what she was praying for. Eli-the priest-told her that her prayer would come true.

Lo and behold, it did.

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