The Random Thoughts of a Bible Nerd

I journal every day. And true to my type on the enneagram, the observer, I do it like a historian. I write down what happened around me and my thoughts on it, or the ones that pop up.

Today’s post will have a series of random theological thoughts that have popped in my head for the last few weeks. None of them I can expand yet, but I hope they can be reflected on.


I was breaking out one of my guys, making sure his presses kept running while he took a break. It’s not cerebral work.

So I’m cleaning the machine, tossing the rubber on the floor to be swept up later, and thinking about Jesus as King, and I’m one of his subjects and also an ambassador to the world.

I reflect Jesus to the world, always. It was like a Gibb’s smack to the back of my head. It literally moved forward a little. tenor (1).gif

I stopped dropping rubber on the floor.

Then I reflect on how the Vice-President was caught on camera praying with his coronavirus team. Naturally, since it was on the internet, he was roasted.

He is also an ambassador, addressing his King about an issue he needs help on.

I thought a lot about that. Not the theology, but the person of Jesus. His role, who He is. How He is active, and the relationship.

It’s easy to slip into the thought of him merely being a meek and mild sacrifice to save us. He wasn’t mild; no one kills you for being mild.

A Quote

A quote I saw and liked: “Don’t do something permanently stupid because you’re temporarily upset.”

It reminds me of an old favorite, “Don’t be stupid on purpose.”

Baby = Kingdom of God?

I’m having lunch with Casey after church, and I suddenly think of an analogy based on Sam, who’s due in about three months.

The Kingdom of God is here, yet still coming. It’s not fully realized, but affecting the world.

Sam is the same way. He’s here, but still coming. He’s having an effect, but not a shift in reality yet.

These are just some of the things that pop in my head. If you like it, I may do more posts like this. Let me know.

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