A Change Is Coming

Life hasn’t slowed down since I returned from the marriage cruise. I wanted to tell you about it and what we learned. Except, I have to prioritize my time and think about the quality of the posts.

action blur buildings busy

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We’ve been working seven days a week—no time for a proper Sabbath. I haven’t sat in the main service in the church except maybe once. Sunday night’s service twice. Sunday school, not at all.

I’ve been going to church to serve in my ministries. I’ve noticed my spiritual fruit rotting a bit and I’ve been short-tempered.

It only took five hours on my first day back to work from the cruise to lose my temper. I talked to my wife, and we nailed it down. I’m going to start waking up early so I can make the first service on a Sunday. Watching online is a patch, but nothing beats being in church.

Plus Baby Prep. Kids are a lot of work before they even arrive. Doctor appointments, research, preparing the home; I haven’t even been able to run much. Though…working seven days a week cuts into recovery.

To sum it up, my spiritual growth, preparing for Samuel, and fitness training will take precedence over the blog. I still have a class to teach, as well.

I won’t stop writing, but two times a week won’t be happening as much. It will probably mostly be the Learning Under Jesus series. It’s getting into the Passion week where it all comes to a head. You may have noticed they’re getting longer. I’m hoping to time it with Easter.

Children are a significant life change. An adventure that I can’t predict. We’ll find out together where it will lead as far as the blog.

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