Dealing With Sinners?

Family can hurt you easier than anyone else. How? Because they know you, and you have a closer relationship with them. It can make holidays awkward.

We faced two situations with two different people. One of the people, we hadn’t seen in over a year despite attempts to see them. The other was just bailed out of jail for armed robbery.

In the first scenario, it was their last chance. But they appeared, and it was a beautiful reconciliation — hugs and tears on both sides.

The second though, how do I deal with a criminal out on bail at a family gathering?

Do I go “werewolf”? That’s something I read on a defense blog written by a cop. It’s where you look human on the outside, but the werewolf is just under the surface, ready for a problem. It only works if it’s discreet, no overt posturing.

While praying before bed, I thought of Jesus’ response to the two criminals beside him when he was crucified. Both of them mocked him. One did repent, and Jesus was kind to him. (Luke 23:32-43)

Yet-watch this-Jesus died for both.

How does that fit for this individual? He still has the time to repent. While he can’t be trusted, there’s no reason to treat him poorly — something to keep in mind.

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