Thoughts On Being A Dad

Now that the secret is out, I can share the many thoughts I’ve had to date with this pregnancy. This child is the third try, and affectionately called Nemo by my little sister.

I’m simultaneously excited and nervous, which is typical. Thoughts on raising the child and caring for them go through my head. So many thoughts that my mind crashes sometimes, and I forget things like pants.

I’m kidding. I haven’t forgotten those.



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Here’s one thought–money. Will we have enough of it? We budget, save, and we’re going to have another person in the house that needs to go to the doctor, clothes, diapers (free-range in the backyard was shot down), and food.

I make pretty good money, but will I always? I can’t see the future. This requires me to preach Matthew 6:33 to myself. “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

These things are what you need daily. Take care of God’s kingdom, and He’ll take care of yours. I’ve seen it happen; I just have to remind myself.

What’s my schedule going to look like? The plan is to switch schedules as far as my wife is concerned. Easier for her than me. We’ll need two reliable vehicles, though, and my truck is nearing 200,000 miles. We carpool to save money.

Then there’s daycare. Her job offers it (don’t know the cost yet). So if she works days and I work swing, then I need to get up at night with Nemo so she can sleep.

I can probably nap and handle housework until I leave. That’ll help. This blog will probably go to just a single post a week. Priorities. It’ll be a good post, though.


Another thought–it’s a dangerous world out there. So I subscribed to a favorite personal protection author’s Patreon page, Safety Concepts. This is something I’ll have to teach them. Also, martial arts, except I’m a bit snobby; I’m not putting them into a black belt factory. Useful stuff, like Wing Chun and/or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Especially if we have a girl. Boy doesn’t listen when she says no, and she breaks him; I’ll take her out for ice cream.

Then there are boys. I remember being one (arguably still one). I wouldn’t want me back then around my daughter. Parenthetically, I wouldn’t want anyone like a particular ex of mine around my son.


Then there is society. It has done lost its ever-loving mind. Up is down, down is up, logic has been tossed out the window in favor of feelings and general mood. I can’t keep them in a bubble, but they can learn how to think critically.

Hopefully, they can through the fog of hormones.


Since this is a Christian lifestyle blog, I can’t forget church. Fortunately, FirstNLR is the best church I want my kid in. They’ll grow up in the church.

However, that’s not will make them a Christian. Nemo can’t ride Casey and my coattails


into heaven. Nemo will have to make the faith their own.

Luckily, dad is a Sunday School teaching theology nerd and apologist. Then there are the summer programs the church offers with study, service, and even apologetics.

Then there’s the class pastor system we have. I’ve seen some of the things they discuss. It’s some good, applicable theology. They’ll be equipped, but the end result will be between them and God.


I also have to consider me. Casey asks if I think she’ll be a good mom. I never had a doubt about her. It’s me I’m worried about.

For one, I’m heavier on criticism than encouragement. Like, I will rarely encourage. Also, not big on hugging or telling people I love them. Expressing emotion is hard to initiate.

I have to get over that. For one, I need to be a safe place where they know they can come to me without me chewing them out every time they mess up. I have also to enforce boundaries, let them be free to make their own mistakes within reason.

Then to close, there are the lighter things I think about:

  1. What do I tell them about Santa and the Tooth Fairy?
  2. Should they work for an allowance like me or just get one like their mom?
  3. Do I teach them how to budget by sitting by me when I do it?
  4. What about a friendly game of finding the exits in case of an emergency?
  5. How to read body language?
  6. How to find the philosophy behind TV shows?
  7. What should I let them watch, the rating system is on a sliding scale? What’s PG-13 or TV-14s I wouldn’t feel comfortable with them watching.
  8. How do I deal with emotional and hormonal teenagers besides tranquilizing them?

These are just a few thoughts. I’m doing a lot of reading, because that’s what I do, read a lot of books and wing it based on that.

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