All Good Things (and bad) Come To An End

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A few weeks ago, we thought we were going to have to say goodbye to our Senior Pastor. He had been elected to a high-level position in the national organization. Ultimately, he turned it down because he wasn’t called to leave the church yet.

This was a good reminder that not all open doors are from God.

The same day we got that news, we did say goodbye to Sheri, my co-teacher and part of Reach Deaf Ministry’s leadership team.

Life is full of endings and beginnings, and we have to know how to deal with them. I like stability. Change scares me a little.

When I read the Endings and New Beginnings chapter in The Emotionally Healthy Leader, I took a lot of notes. Especially in dealing with endings.

The Healthy Way To Deal With Endings

Accept that endings are a “death.” You’ll mourn it. I did when our first Deaf Pastor stepped down, even though I still see her.

However, nothing new can take place without something ending. Process the feelings, don’t get stuck in following them.

There are times when we have to bring things to an end. Get advice. Face the facts about the situation and ask some hard questions, even when you want to run from it.

You’ll face a time between the ending and new beginning that will take longer than you think. These endings and waiting are like a tempering fire that purifies you.

All endings require inner work and processing.

Ask yourself two questions:

  1. What is it time to let go of in my personal life and in my leadership?
  2. If I embrace this ending, what new thing might be standing backstage to make its entrance into my life?

Ecclesiastes speaks of seasons ending and new ones beginning. Your new beginning could be the best yet.

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