Are You Fake?

Are you fake? Do you say that you believe one thing but act contrary to it? This post is going to be a bit confrontational.

Let’s say you believe that everyone has value.
How do you treat others?

Reverse it, maybe you say that we’re just a higher order of animal, no one matters. Why do you act like you matter?

Maybe you say that you’re a selfless, giving person. When’s the last time you did anything for someone?

What about this. You say God exists. How come you don’t live like it?

Or you say that there is no God, or anything supernatural. Why do you ask for thoughts and prayers when trouble comes? (For this, I would say you know God’s there, and He’s calling for you…)

Let’s say you don’t believe in objective reality, that everything is a subjective opinion. Nothing is objectively true.
I ask, is that statement true?

You may believe you can’t legislate morality. Aren’t all laws legislating someone’s moral worldview?

the-thinker-3Some things are this or that, while others require thought to see the necessary dichotomy to see the balance point.

We’re all fake until we examine what we think against what we do. My question now is, where are you fake?

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